Vaping Among Nonsmokers

A recent study has shown that a staggering two million people who consider themselves to be nonsmokers are using e-cigarettes in order to vape. The biggest group are the young adults aged from 18 to 24. This group makes up more than 60 percent of those two million people.

The trend of smoking e-cigarettes became popular as a means to quit smoking. Manufacturers claim that the devices are capable of reducing people’s nicotine addiction. They claim that, because of the way the nicotine is introduced into the bloodstream through vaporizing the liquid that contains it, these e-cigarettes are less addictive. Unfortunately for the manufacturers, and the millions of people using the e-cigarettes, the most recent studies show that this method of consuming nicotine might even be more addictive than any other method.

Due to the way vaping has gained popularity on social media and other social outlets, groups like adolescents and young adults are especially at risk. The biggest concern regarding these groups is that due to their brains still developing, the negative effects of nicotine can be even more severe. In addition to the possibility of contracting and developing various lung diseases, people that start vaping at an early age have a really high chance of developing a nicotine addiction.

An analysis published by the United States Centers for Disease Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System has determined that of the 260,000 people who consider themselves nonsmokers, almost 1.4 of them report that they have at one time or still are vaping. If we then extrapolate that number to the overall adult population of the United States we get a number of around 1.9 million active e-cigarette users. What is more concerning is the fact that of those 1.9 million people more than 1.2 are young adults.

The data presented opens new questions about the way these products are marketed and regulated in the United States. Also, it has become obvious that people need to be educated more and that more data needs to be collected about the overall harm of e-cigarettes and vaping. The long-term effects are still not completely understood and more testing is needed before people can be sure that these devices are safe to use. Combustible cigarettes have been around for centuries, and scientists only now understand most of their effects.

It is obvious that stricter laws need to be put in place to protect the more vulnerable populations. Also, the way these devices are being marketed should be revised heavily. Currently, as thing stand their availability is one of the main reasons why so many people are using them.

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