Should You Use Home Remedies in the War Against Cancer

Unfortunately for us all there is a high chance that we develop some form of cancer during our lives. At this point, it is just a given. For men, the chances are one in two. For women, the situation is a little better but still, there is a one in three chance.

Cancer destroys much more than just the person it inhabits. It destroys entire families. And that is a scary thought. Cancer brings with it unpleasant therapies that scare even the strongest of us out there. The idea of pumping literal poison does not sound alluring to anyone. And for that exact reason, people often turn to home remedies in order to give themselves a higher chance of survival. We all heard of amazing stories where people used juice cleanses and aromatherapy or even acupuncture and were able to outlive all the doctor’s prognosis. In some cases, this even might be true. But choosing alternative methods of healing does not give you a better chance of survival. In fact, the mainstream solution is still your best bet. It is true that cancer treatment has a long way to go before being at a somewhat satisfactory level. The numbers say you are twice as likely to die from the effects of cancer if you choose alternative medicine. If you have breast cancer your chances are even worse. In fact, you are five times more likely to die if you chose the alternative route.

The good news is that these results took into consideration people that completely refused modern medicine in favor of using only alternative medicine. Supplementing your chemotherapy with alternative treatments may, in fact, give you a higher survival rate.

The issue is that alternative medicine focuses solely on overall health. So they are based on a healthy diet supplemented with vitamins. Eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping regularly are supposed to be three pillars of everyone’s lives. So the thinking behind alternative treatments is that it is enough to just keep out the bad stuff and that makes everything okay. The issue with that is that cancer is not something that comes from the outside, it is not a foreign invader like a virus is. Cancer is a general error in our DNA that causes our cells to grow at such a rate that our body cannot even begin to regulate it. Cancer cells are not trying to kill their host, they are just trying to multiply. Due to the makeup of these cancer cells, our bodies are unable to discern them from regular cells until it is way too late.

Modern medicine, on the other hand, can be harsh on our bodies, but at least it targets cancer itself. Chemotherapy works because it targets all the cells. This is unfortunate but needed as that is the only way to battle cancer cells effectively. The damage done to healthy cells is necessary for the greater good.

The same goes for radiation therapy. It targets cells that multiply rapidly. Cells that regenerate more slowly are not at risk. Unfortunate side effects of hair loss, digestive problems, and skin issues are because the cells that are in our hair, skin, and digestive tract regenerate rapidly and the treatments mistake them for cancer cells.

Cancer therapies can definitely be improved, there is no denying that. Destroying healthy cells seems harsh but it is necessary otherwise the therapy is useless.

Our sad reality is that more people are living with cancer today than ever before, and that number is constantly on the rise. But the keyword is living. Due to the effects of modern medicine, they may even outlive their prognosis.

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