Unusual Cold Weather Blows into the East Cost

Supporters of climate change theories have been presented with some pretty solid evidence this winter season. Late storms in the hurricane season kicked off months of extreme weather. Record breaking low temperatures have even reached into the southern states. Initial chill and snowfall began a few days before the beginning of the new year. The East Coast received the latest wave of unusual weather towards the end of this week, leaving many residents to face.


Unusually low temperatures are keeping people indoors during this blast of cold. Early in the week southern states saw several freezing nights in a row. Texas Gulf residents emptied hardware stores of supplies necessary to save precious tropical gardens. The east coast temperatures have dropped as low as 30 below zero, with New England being one of the hardest hit areas. Upstate New York barely broke the positive numbers with a temperature of one degree Fahrenheit.


Many south Texas children saw snow for the first time early in December. This latest cold front brought snow to the capital of Florida. Snow in Tallahassee has not been seen for about 30 years. North Carolina also experienced a rare snowfall. The southern snow is much more welcome than that of of the Northern states. Full blown blizzards are putting a stop to outdoor activities and schools are closing down in New York. Many are ready for winter to reach its end.


This unusual weather pattern has made its way to the east coast from out over the ocean. Hurricane season is not the only time that requires we keep an eye out over the sea. Unstill waters play a part in the countless climate abnormalities. The term being used is “Bomb Cyclone”. This term refers to a rapid drop in pressure. Preparations are necessary in these situations. Residents have seen large amounts of snow, dangerous winds, and disruptions to electrical power. The most intense complications are centered on new England and the surrounding waters.

Weather patterns have been somewhat unpredictable and intense this winter season all across the United States. Storms formed over the ocean made the east coast a target for icy cold and large amounts of snow. Many of the affected areas haven’t witnessed winter temperatures in several years. For several days, the east coast has been waiting out the cold and storms.

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