Unusual Climate Brings Snow to South Texas

Residents in South Texas have seen their fair share of extreme weather this year. South Texas is known for its unseasonably warm winters and fluctuating temperatures. All four seasons seem to be able to make an appearance in the same week. Southern Texans know to dress in layers because it can be shorts weather when you leave for work in the morning, and coat weather on the way home. This week many Texans woke up Thursday morning to a blanket of rarely seen snow.

South Texas Snow

The first week of December brought with it some record high temperatures. Pictures on social media show people swimming well through November. Shorts and flip flops were still being sported as Christmas shopping began. Cold weather, however, began rolling in early in the week. By Thursday morning, hopeful Texans were listening to the weather station predict snow. Late evening brought snow to Waco, College Station, and San Antonio.

Houstonians arose in the middle of the night to take a peek out of their windows. The temperatures were only down to freezing for 2 or 3 hours. There had been talk of the snow not sticking to the ground due to warmer weather. The winter wonderland that prevailed, however, proved everyone wrong. Yards, roofs, and trees were solid white with soft, fluffy snow. Houston occasionally gets a bit of slush, yet this was the real thing. Kids and dogs could be seen at the crack of dawn frolicking outside before the school day started.

There have been a few historic snow storms in the past. There was a light, slushy snow in 2009. The largest snowfalls tend to show up in February, if at all. It has only snowed 35 times since 1895. This was the year of the record breaking 20 inch snowfall. This storm reached all the way to Florida and Mexico. The subsequent snowy weather brought between anywhere between 1 and 5 inches. The recent snow event brought varying amounts of snow to different cities. Corpus Christi claims to have received 5-7 inches of snow. Houston was on the lower end with 1-3 inches.

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