Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Bachelorette Party 1

It is one of the most popular places to go for a bachelorette weekend or a bachelorette party: Las Vegas. Of course, the movie Bridesmaids doesn’t do a great job of highlighting it, but there is nothing better than having one final celebration in Sin City. It is extremely affordable depending on the time of the year and there is always something that you can do, no matter what type of people you have along for the ride.

But how do you have a successful bachelorette party in Vegas? Here are some tips:

Use themed invitations: If you want people to show up, highlight how much fun it will be with themed invitations. These will get people excited from the minute they open the envelope and they will start thinking about how they can be part of it all.

Pick the right time: There are right times and wrong times to go to Vegas. Don’t go when everyone else is there and the prices are high or you’ll price some people out of your party. Go in September if you can, that’s when the rates are low and the weather is great.

Go see shows: There are plenty of Vegas residencies that will keep the people in your group entertained. Go see a Cirque du Soleil show, the Donny and Marie special, or any of the 90s residencies that are currently taking over. There is also a healthy Broadway presence on the strip.

Accessories for the Bride and Bridesmaids: Any great bachelorette party needs to have some amazing props and accessories for the bride and bridesmaids. Show up to the airport with every embarrassing accessory you can imagine, including tiaras, boas, veils, and sashes. Give everyone a few shots and they won’t fight back. Bring a few classy accessories as well – nail polish kits, slippers, and robes will help to make everyone feel comfortable and bolster comradery.

Alcoholic accessories are always a great twist – just make sure that you aren’t going to interfere with anyone’s sobriety.

Plan to go to fun clubs: There are tons of clubs to go to in Vegas. Do some research to find the ones that will suit the style of your group. Some clubs are the places you’ll go to dance, drink, and probably have a great night that you will never remember. Other clubs are more for sober fun – you can swim, dance, and even play games. Others are completely chill, just places where you can sit and talk. Think about what the bride would like first, but then consider everyone else in the group. Plan on going to a different place every night.

Think about transportation: Do you have a group that will fit into a limo or do you need a party bus? There are companies all over that will offer packages that include drinks, photos, vouchers, and free tours.

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Plan for a pool day: Make sure everyone brings their swimming suits so that you can spend some time by the pool. After all of that drinking and partying, you will need some time just to recharge.

Take in the view: If you are looking for some great photo options, look to the sky. There are so many skyscrapers that have observation decks. One of the best is the High Roller at the Linq, which is a 30-minute ride around a giant ferris wheel. Try to time it so that you get the best options for photos. It takes some time, so going around sunset will offer the most variety.

Think about food: Vegas is one of the best places to go in the world if you want to eat nonstop. Make sure to plan out some healthy options and think about people who have allergies or special dietary restrictions. Of course, you also want to prepare for some feasting on sweet treats.

Throwing a can’t miss it party for your friend on one of her last days of singledom isn’t difficult, you just have to really think about planning ahead. Vegas is a special location where everything feels just a little happier, a little brighter, and a little better. Make sure to start your planning as early as you can so that you can cover all of these tips and more.

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