The Dangers of Christmas

Christmas is a time when families come together to spend a couple of days of quality time together, eating tasty food and drinking hot beverages by the fireplace. And there are presents; many, many presents. But on top of that Christmas is also a time when all the lights and ornaments can send you straight to the emergency room.

Christmas decorations injured an estimated 170,000 people from 2007 to 2016. Even a simple visit to sit on Santa’s lap cause around 280 children to sustain various injuries. All of this data comes from reports that can be found in the U.S, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. The data collected there was then used by Australia and Germany to determine these numbers accurately.

Here are some of the most significant holiday hazards according to those reports:

In the period from 2007 up until 2016, 23,000 people reported they were injured by Christmas trees. Out of those 23,000, 374 incidents involved artificial trees, which extrapolates to some 17,928 injuries nationwide. Real trees were noted in 48 injury reports, and this was directly connected to knives, scissors, and saws that are used to cut or trim the trees.

Christmas lights accounted for about 715 injuries in the sample researchers used, and that corresponds to 31,855 injuries nationwide.

Electrical decorations that do not include tree lights were responsible for around 36,000 injuries. Non-electrical decorations injured another 80,000 people. Interestingly, men were more susceptible to injuries connected to electrical lights while women were more susceptible to injuries from non-electrical decorations.

During the period when the study was conducted around three children were sent to the ER after falling off of Santa’s lap. Around 277 children were injured while visiting Santa nationwide when the number is extrapolated. Even an adult was injured while taking their child to sit on Santa’s lap.

So as fun a time as Christmas is, many dangers are lurking just around the Christmas tree.

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