How to Stay Safe During Festival Season

Festival Season 1

If your favorite band is making the rounds this year and partaking in the festival circuit, you might be excited to spend some time outside, dance around in the sunlight, and even meet someone new. However, festivals are quickly become dangerous for many people because they are becoming well known. Not only are they financial dangerous at time – don’t fall for the glamping event on an island – but they can put you in physical danger as well.

Since most festivals occur in the summer months, that makes them the perfect place to get dehydrated, drink too much, and try drugs from unknown sources. You have to be careful and make sure you aren’t partaking in high risk activities like that.

The biggest problem is of course drug use. While certain drugs that are popular at festivals aren’t all that bad for you, never use a festival as the first time you try anything, including marijuana. You never know how you will react. Even more, never accept drugs from someone you don’t know. The most common drugs are festivals are stimulants and synthetic marijuana. Avoid them if at all possible because they typically aren’t what they appear to be and you can get yourself in danger.

Another problem is drinking. While most people who can get into 21+ festivals where there is a lot of drinking know how much alcohol they can handle, they don’t take into consideration their dehydration. People who don’t eat or drink a lot of healthy food and drinks can get drunker much more quickly than they normally would. The sun can make a few beers feel like ten, and that isn’t great when you are also jumping around to your favorite song.

Of course, mixing alcohol and drugs can be just as bad. There have been many cases where someone mixed the two and they didn’t work out well during the festival – even if they mixed those two together before. Your body just reacts differently and there are too many variables that you have to consider at the festival that might not have been in place before.

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Finally, dehydration is another huge problem. Dehydration comes when you don’t drink enough water. At a festival, you are probably walking around all day, jumping to the music, and dancing with your friends. This will cause you to sweat and lose fluids. When you are dehydrated, you lose your ability to keep your body cool and it exasperates the problem. Remember that sweating doesn’t just make you lose water, it makes you lose electrolytes as well. If you are going to replace the water, you have to replace those too. This can impact your heart or the way your body functions. It can lead to stroke, heart attack, angina, or even death. A combination of dehydration and drugs can cause your body to overheat, literally cooking you from the inside out.

If you combine all three you can develop a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, where your body start to break down muscles. It can lead to kidney failure, which can be extremely deadly.

Watch out for delirium as well. When we are dehydrated or using drugs, we tend to see things that aren’t actually there. This can make us a danger to ourselves and a danger to other people. We do things when we are in this state that we wouldn’t do at any other time. Make sure you have friends who can talk you down if you get into this state.

When you are a festival, pay attention to everyone around you. Make sure no one needs medical attention. The most common signs that someone is having a “bad trip” include:

• Suddenly feeling groggy or tired;

• Lack of sweat;

• Too much sweating;

• Fainting;

• Disorientation;

• Anger;

• Confusion.

While you might be afraid of what your friends will say when you tell them that they need to go easier, you want to make sure that you protect them. Nothing ruins a fun night more than someone having to get their stomach pumped or someone taking a ride in the back of an ambulance. Monitor your friends, use your brains, and just enjoy the music. You don’t need to go over the top to have fun at a festival, and you might as well remember it at the end of the night.

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