Sony’s Watch Strap Brings the ‘Smart’ to Your Regular Watch

Sony has just launched its Wena Wrist, and this could just change the smartwatch space in a big way. The Wena Wrist is a watch strap filled with technology that can convert an ordinary watch into a smart one. The watch strap was originally revealed in 2015 when Sony put it on its internal crowdfunding site, First Flight, in Japan.

Expanding Their Reach

While many people interested in having a smartwatch are probably just going to buy one off the shelf, Sony is targeting a particular group of the population. There are many people who wear watches that may be very valuable or sentimental or both. Giving this group the option to convert the timepieces that they so love into smart devices is an interesting sell. For those who have been looking for the perfect smartwatch, the options have just increased radically.


The Wena Wrist was designed by a team of Sony engineers. Wena stands for “wear electronics naturally,” and that is a fitting name for this great tech idea. It works like a regular watch replacement strap. Once worn, the tech is covered up on the inside of your wrist. A small display on the buckle lets you see battery status, caller ID for phone calls, and previews of notifications from your different messaging apps. If you are looking for the fitness aspect of a smartwatch, the Wena Wrist has sensors to track and give you information on your steps, the distance and speed you walked, how many calories you burned in the process, and your heart rate.

Originally only available in Japan, Sony is now taking the Wena Wrist to the UK. The purchase comes with both straps and the watch head. So far, there are a number of strap and head designs available to match different watch styles. Sony is yet to announce when this product is coming to the US.

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