Ravens – Natures Masterminds

Birds of a Feather

From its appearance in Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven back in 1845 to a more recent one in the acclaimed book an TV series ,“Game of Thrones,“ the raven has always been popular in fiction as well as in the scientific circles. And it is easy to understand why.

Their aptitude when solving puzzles has been well documented. They have also been known to trick other animals into helping them. Apes have been known to communicate at an extremely high level, but still, they cannot match ravens in this regard.

How Smart Are Ravens Actually?

More recently researchers have found out that they are even capable of creating plans in order to get better long-term results. These birds have shown that they have more self-control than your average adult. Two tests have been conducted at the Lund University in Sweden. Until this research scientists were aware that ravens have hiding spots for their food, similar to squirrels. Now the squirrel is not regarded for its intelligence, especially since they forget about more than half of their food reserves. On the other hand, scientists found out that ravens are able to bide their time in order to achieve greater success in the future. They will forgo momentary satisfaction In order to reap better rewards at a later stage. For example, when provided with the option to choose between a tasty snack and a tool used for opening a box containing better treats, they often pick the tool, without even knowing what is in the container, or whether there will even be one. That displays forethought, something that children, as well as many adults, lack.

Embrace the Dark Overlords

Ravens have also been known to dabble in criminal actions, like stealing from other animals, and even other ravens. They are able to remember the exact location and then return to it at a later date in order to steal the goods. What is more interesting, due to the fact that they have had things stolen from them, ravens will adapt and start pretending to plant food in random places in order to thwart other thieves attempts to steal from them. They can even coordinate with other ravens and plan trips to other locations in order to obtain food. Planning and communicating, especially something particular like distance is a trait that only bees, ants,and humans have. Not even apes have evolved to this point. Ravens have also been known to call on wolves to help them down with breaking down a carcass so that they have an easier time feeding.

All this makes ravens magnificent creatures worthy of praise and adoration, not loathing. They are not here to run us over, but we should marvel in their intelligence.

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