Quick And Easy Tips For Taking Better Photos And Videos On Your Phone

The need to take better photos and videos using your phone is simply to impress and hone your skills on social media. However, for some, phone photography has actually become one of their sources of income.

These days, the old point-and-shoot style of photography won’t cut it anymore. Whether you are creating content to add to your home video collection or you are a YouTuber making videos for your channel; it has become increasingly important to take great videos and photos with your smartphone.


It may seem like too much to fuss about, but most smartphones come equipped with HD recording and enhanced photo capture features. These quick and straightforward tips will help you take better photos and videos using your phone.

Keep It Simple

Now, most people go wrong by trying to be the next great big “mobile photographer” out there. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take great photos, but it shouldn’t distract you from the sheer beauty of simplicity that can be captured in motion as videos or encapsulated as pictures.

Focus on one detail and go with it. When a photo has too much going on, it loses focus and gets distracting to the viewer.  Working on the composition becomes easier when you have a primary subject to work with.

Don’t get caught up in needing to fill out the entire space in a photo. Empty space, also known as “negative space,” helps to bring your subject to focus.

Keep in mind that photos shared through social media will be viewed using tiny screens. Therefore, going minimalistic in your composition and minimizing on detail will undoubtedly make your photos and videos stand out.

Use Gridlines For Shot Balance

Don’t quite understand how to take properly balanced shots? Your phone has you sorted out with the gridlines mode.

The grid lines that you can turn on the grid lines when using your camera make use of the infamous “Rule Of Thirds.” The Rule of Thirds calls for breaking down images into thirds both vertically and horizontally. The result in nine segments combined that make up the whole picture.

When a shot is well balanced, it tends to just look better and draw more attention to it. A properly balanced image also turns out level allowing more interaction with it.

To Turn on Camera Grids:

iPhone – Go to your iPhone’s “Settings,” select “Photos and Camera,” and then turn “Grid” on.

Samsung – Go to your camera app and launch it. Toggle to the “Settings,” then scroll to the “grids” option and turn it on.

Go Low

Most people will take photos and videos at chest-height because it is simpler and convenient. It is easier to take interesting photos with better perspectives from a low-angle.

The reasons why you should opt for lower-angle shots include creating a creative piece using your phone show your subject with minimal background distractions, and such images capture interesting foreground details. Lower angle shots work well for photos taken near a water body to capture reflections cast in the water or ripples.

To take low-angle photos, either kneel or lie on the ground to capture that cinematic moment. This technique works well for both phone photos and videos.

Keep It Deep

Creating depth in both your videos and photos makes them better and much more attractive. Depth is best captured with landscape photography to draw attention into the scenery or shot.

One way to incorporate depth into your photos and videos is by including “leading lines” within your composition. Fences, roads, sand ripples, railway tracks, and rivers are great options for leading lines. Another option is to have an interesting subject such as a rock, leaves, or flowers in the foreground. One other way to create depth is by taking your shots or photos from a low-angle.

Yet another way to create depth is making use of something available in the foreground to frame your scene. This could be something like a tire hanging from a tree, window frames, an archway, or even a keyhole.

The trick about it is to compose your shot in a manner that has the leading line beginning in the foreground and fading out into the distance. Naturally, the viewer will follow this trail, and it makes your videos and photos that much more engaging.

Include Shadows

Add shadows of your subjects in the photos you take for an even more compelling appeal. Shadows create a mystery and inject a touch of intrigue to your photos. Shadows also fill out your foreground with an interesting visual touch.

Long shadows can be captured during sunsets and sunrise, with weak sunlight conditions. Shoot when the sun is directly in front to capture the shadows in your foreground.

Adjust exposure manually to give the shadows a dark enough appearance. The exposure can be set through the camera settings. Shadows can also be enhanced when editing your photos.

One Change At A Time

Try incorporating one of these changes with every photo and video you take. Just like with the first tip on keeping it simple, make it easier for yourself by trying out one of the suggested photography improvements at a single instance. Soon enough, you will be taking better videos and photos to rival the best of photographers using your phone.


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