Why You Should Practice Yoga Every Single Day

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Do you practice yoga regularly? Many people will only do yoga once in a while or while on vacation. Instead, consider practicing yoga more regularly – or even every day. People will make excuses and come up with reasons for why they won’t practice it, but you don’t have to. Yoga is extremely accessible to almost everyone – it can be adjusted for different abilities.

Yoga is something that is universal. If you’ve ever heard someone say that he or she can’t do yoga or can’t practice it every day, then that person hasn’t found someone who can teach about the right way to do yoga.

It doesn’t matter who you are, there are plenty of reasons why you should be practicing yoga each and every day. Let’s outline just twenty of them:

Mental Health

Yoga can reduce your stress levels, which can make you feel happier and healthier on every level. It has been shown to help with depression as well. Doing yoga, even for a few minutes each day, has been shown to help students, workers, family members, athletes, and every other field that deals with a lot of stress.


Want to grow your muscles and get stronger? Yoga can actually help to build and strengthen your muscles. Even better, it will help you to develop those long, lean muscles that many people want. Yoga allows you to use your body weight and train your muscles through isometric conditioning.


“Detoxing” has become a bit of a buzzword in some circles, but yoga is one of the original ways to clean the toxins from your body and your mind. The stretching and bending helps to break down the gasses that hide in your body and make you feel tired.


Looking to change up the way you do cardio? If you find a yoga sequence that moves quickly, you will be able to elevate your heart rate. Push yourself harder if you aren’t feeling your heart beating faster.

Cardiovascular Health

Along with adding to your cardio fitness, yoga can help your overall cardiovascular health. It does this through breath regulation. Your lungs will completely clear and fill up when you practice proper breathing, allowing you to lower your blood pressure and get a heart healthy workout.

Sickness Cures and Preventions

Yoga can be therapeutic for many people and it provides holistic healing. Regularly practicing yoga can cure or prevent many diseases that afflict a large number of people in today’s world.

Cognitive Functions

Yoga gives you more ability to concentrate your brain on one thing and provides mental clarity and calmness. The results? You’ll have better memory and a sharper brain.

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Better Sleep

Practicing yoga regularly can help to treat insomnia and get you ready for bed at night. There are quite a few nighttime routines out there to help you.


Don’t want to grow old too quickly? Practicing yoga has more of an effect on your body than over the counter creams and pills. It will also help to keep your body feeling young for a long time – it helps keep the spine from curling and keepings your knees strong.


Practicing yoga regularly will help the rest of your routine as well. It will continue to sculpt and shape your body without having too much impact on your joints. It also feels like a treat because of how calming and low impact it can be. On a day when you don’t feel “on” at the gym, add some yoga.


Yoga is extremely helpful in connecting you with your inner self. It allows you to unify your mind, body, and soul on a daily basis. This can help to keep you calm and focused on your spiritually journey, regardless of religious or if you have one at all.


Yoga poses can help you to strengthen the muscles around your back, helping those of us who sit in front of computers all day. It will also help with the alignment of your body making everything feel “right” in your body.

Better Sex

Yoga will help to boost your sex drive and make you more adventurous in the bedroom. It will make you more flexible, calmer, and have more stamina, all of which can help to take what was already great and push it to the next level. For those who are struggling, yoga an help to balance your hormones, which can lead to more sensuality and a better sex drive.


If you can’t touch your toes or do a backbend just yet, start practicing yoga. It will help to improve your flexibility and strengthen your core so that you can hold those poses.

Immune System

Practicing yoga can help build up your immune system. This will help you to get sick less frequently AND it will help you to stay safe. Yoga helps to build muscles so that you get lesser injuries.

Better Balance and Coordination

Daily yoga will build up your balance and coordination skills. It will stabilize your body, giving you more control over its movements at all times.

Metabolic Boosts

If you are looking to lose weight, practicing yoga can help to increase the rate at which you burn calories and fat. Hot yoga can do that even more.

Weight Loss

As you build muscle, lose fat, and increase your metabolism, it can help you with your weight loss journey. It will also teach you to understand your body better, which can help your dieting.


In the morning, in the middle of the day, or at night: nothing feels better than a fantastic rejuvenation session. After a long day, before a tense meeting, or even when you wake up tired, practicing yoga for even fifteen minutes can help you feel better.


Nothing can give you more beautiful skin than a healthy body and mind – not a cream, not a serum, and certainly no mask. Yoga treats hormonal imbalances that can lead to better skin, better hair, and a healthier disposition.

Yoga is one of the best pathways we have to health that allows us to live, work, and play like we want. It is a great exercise because it is inclusive, easy to practice, and doesn’t require any fancy products – though they can help. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, what goals you have, or even where you are in the world, you can practice yoga every single day: and you should.

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