Planning a Disney World Trip

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Planning a trip to Disney World can be extremely stressful. It isn’t an everyday activity and for many families it will be a once in a lifetime event. You want to plan a trip that will include everything you want and exclude the things you can skip over. Here are some of our essential tips for planning your family vacation to Disney World – whether it is your first time or you’re an old pro:

Understand Walt Disney

Most people go into Disney thinking it is just a giant amusement part, but it isn’t just that at all. In fact, it is a larger “amusement park” than Manhattan. There are four theme parks inside, two water parks, and over twenty Disney Resort hotels. This is a small town! There are plenty of things to do and see, which can make it difficult to choose but really easy to fill up your time.

Your Vacation Options

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy your Walt Disney World vacation is to plan it using one of their Magic Your Way Vacation Packages. These allow you to get a well-rounded experience and keeps your abreast of the latest information.

All of the Magic Your Way Vacation Packages offered through Disney World include Disney Resort accommodations, theme park tickets, and benefits. You can add as much as you want to those basic packages. There are many choices within the basic package as well, including what accommodations you want and which theme parks you want to hit up. You can add meals, recreation, and entertainment to your package as well. Adding meals is a great option because it will take some of the guess work out.

The biggest benefit to a Disney package? The complimentary transportation is an absolute lifesaver and the extended park hours are nice as well.

Where to Stay

Figure out where you want to stay first. Now, some people will tell you that Disney hotels aren’t worth it, but they absolutely are. Even if you stay at the cheapest hotel, there is something magical about it. Of course, Disney has a reputation to uphold so everything is clean and put together well.

Staying at the hotel gives you access to the parks earlier or later than anyone who doesn’t stay there, making that the perfect time to get on those rides that always seem to have a line. The transportation is free as well.

You can skip the baggage claim when you take Disney’s Magical Express, a motorcoach system with luggage delivery service that connects you to the Orlando International Airport. You can only use this if you stay at a Disney Resort.

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When thinking about which resort you want to stay in, there are a few different things that you want to look at. The first is the value – do you want to spend your money for the resort or spend it elsewhere? Even the “Value” options have some great bells and whistles, but if you can, going for the Deluxe options (or even the Deluxe Villas) makes for a very special experience.

Each of the resorts offers something different from the others, including character dining options, recreational trips, and even interactive classes. Character dining is a lot of fun for younger children who want to enjoy tea with Cinderella or breakfast with Tigger. Depending where you stay, you can experience a summer Boardwalk, dive into the French Quarter, take drawing classes from real Disney artists, or even encounter wild animals.

If you enjoy golf, going to the resorts means that you get one round of golf at a Disney course.

Quick Tips for Planning a Disney World Trip

Here are some quick and dirty tips for planning your Disney trip:

• Make sure to accommodate for the number of people in your party. You will be dead tired every night so make sure everyone has a place to sleep.

• Write everything down that you might want to do and see if you can it into your plans.

• Talk to everyone to see what they want to do; try to find the right balance between what everyone wants to do.

• Make sure to think about reservations at some of the more popular dining options – they can fill up months in advance if you aren’t careful.

• Get the Fast Pass if you can.

• Stock up on portable batteries.

• Wear comfortable shoes.

No matter what, try to make your reservations at least six months in advance so that you have enough time as possible to plan.

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