Our Humming Planet

Science has made huge strides in understanding many of the earth’s mysteries. Our planet is constantly changing. Seismic activity is usually related to the data recorded in relation to earthquakes. Recently, seismic recordings have been used to explore the constant sound released by the earth.

The Sound

Scientists have been aware of this sound for many years. The first studies originated in the mid-twentieth century. The most recent studies revisited the research with new strategies. The sound is described as a vibrating or humming. Humans do not hear it, even though it is constant. With a hearing capability starting at around twenty hertz humans do not have the capability to listen to the noise. The humming has been recorded somewhere between 2.9 and 4.5 millihertz. This sound can only be picked up with advanced research equipment.

The Ocean

The new method of exploration involves searching under the ocean. The complications with this idea revolve around the many other sounds of this area. Other identifiable sounds were taken out of the recordings over several years of study. Some of these sounds included waves and equipment noise. The sounds were then compared with the activity of long waves. These longer waves impact the ocean floor more substantially. The ocean study has brought scientists closer to understanding the origin of the earth’s humming,


With the current information, it has been decided that the long waves and the humming are interrelated. Activity on the ocean floor is theorized to affect the humming. There is still, a lot to be learned about where these sounds come from. Scientists have determined, however, that the study of recordings from the ocean has increased the productivity of this research.

The earth houses many surprises that are constantly being discovered. Perseverance and innovation drives scientists to discover more every day. The ocean floor has offered many insights into various rumblings beneath the surface of the planet. It seems to also have some connection to the sound of the earth.

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