New Science-themed Escape Room Works on Your Brain

A new escape room located at the Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana in Illinois is bringing science games to the public. LabEscape Is designed to give your brain a workout. It is the brainchild of Paul Kwiat, a quantum physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also got assistance from some of his physics students. So far, thousands of visitors have made their way to the venue.


Using Science Games for a Mental Challenge

At LabEscape, you can find an assortment of science-themed puzzles to solve and games to play. One of these involves puzzles to locate the fictional Professor Schrödenberg who have gone missing. A science puzzle unlocks the Professor’s password to submit her research work before evil villains in the game can use it to cause harm.

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular for group and individual activities. For participants in the novel new escape room, science muscles are tested although a scientific background is not a requirement to get cracking. Playing the games helps with creativity and teamwork.

Another version of LabEscape can be found in Boston. There are many children and adult activities for all science levels. The games are highly interactive and involve polarized glasses, thermal imaging cameras, lasers, and movement within the room. It’s a magical experience for guests, and the scientific principles at play are revealed at the end of the activities.

LabEscape operates as a non-profit. Its doors were open in early 2017, and since then, 4,500 visitors have made their way into the well-designed science escape. Looking ahead, the room’s creator, Kwiat, looks to have more versions of LabEscape to offer up at scientific events and science museums. The inspiration behind the idea came from Kwiat’s experience in an escape room in Switzerland in 2015. He hopes to increase people’s awareness and appreciation of science and to let them have a good time while in LabEscape.

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