The Healing Power of Lemon

During spring, everything is new and people start to get outside more. It is during this time that many of us decide we need to do something about our weight and overall health. Other than exercising more, a diet overhaul is the next big thing that needs to change. There are many diets or exercise programs that advertise fast weight loss. Losing weight, however, should not be the main goal when you are trying to get in shape. When you add healthy foods to your diet, weight loss and general health easily follow. One of the simplest things to add to your daily diet is fresh lemon. There are many benefits that come from a little squeeze of lemon into your daily meals.

Rise and Shine

You may normally reach for your coffee, thinking you need it wake up. While this may be true, your body actually needs a few different things when you first wake up. Lemon squeezed into a cup of water should be a part of your morning routine for many reasons. Poor digestion can be the culprit of many discomforts, including painful bloating. A warm glass of water with lemon can get your digestion off on the right track every morning. Your body becomes deprived of water for many hours while you sleep. The water in this step is just as important as the lemon. The lemon is thought to flush the system.

Nature’s Glow

You know that glow you get after a good run or workout session? This can easily be accomplished by adding lemon to your diet. Your body spends a lot of time regenerating while you sleep. The liver is one of the more active organs during the night. It is busy filtering out contaminants from the previous day. Lemon water early in the morning helps to keep your body functioning the best that it can. Drinking lemon water early in the morning can help stimulate proper stomach acids and bile. A flushed system leads you to better health, resulting in a natural glow.


Lemons are good for you immune system since they have a sufficient amount of vitamin C. They don’t have as much vitamin C as some other options, but every little bit counts. Vitamin C helps to keep the adrenal glands healthy and may reduce the effects that stress bestows on the body.

Your body is able to absorb vitamins better early in the morning with the assistance of lemon water. Vitamin C also helps to increase the productivity of the lymphatic system. This also adds to your immunity. A daily regimen of lemon water in the morning can easily lead to the avoidance of illness, even when you are confronted with people that are carrying commone illnesses. This immune support is helpful for many germs and viruses.

Your Skin

The vitamin C helps out here, as well. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production. Collagen helps the skin look younger and may help you avoid wrinkles. Your skin may soon be smooth and clear, as your morning lemon water begins to clear out toxins. Free radicals in the environment can make skin look dreary and pale. Your body needs to get everything out from time to time to function properly. Avoidance of free radicals is not always possible. This is why treatment is so important. Your body naturally works to remove these toxins. Antioxidants are popular in many beauty products, so their relation to clear skin is apparent.

Better elasticity also means good news as we grow older. Elasticity is what makes young people’s skin bounce back from everything, even childbirth. Another ingredient in lemon that may contribute to the skin are Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). These are also prevalent in many beauty products and help dead skin cells to shed faster. They also help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


Your body responds with extra fluid when it is confronted with toxins, illness, or injury. Your body can remain in an inflamed state for a very long time if there is nothing given to help relieve it. Once toxins build up, it affects the white blood cells and carries on to cause severe edema and other chronic conditions. Fibromyalgia and osteoporosis are a couple of the offending issues. Uric acid becomes overwhelming when an injury is left untreated. Lemons help to lessen the acid in the joints. The use of lemon for these issues also helps people avoid the overuse of over the counter drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen.

Lemons are a wonder food, and they often get overlooked unless a recipe specifically calls for them. Take home a few every time you visit the produce station. A daily dose can help to accomplish many things, especially when taken first thing in the morning. Get ready to stay healthier, present with glowing skin, and avoid illness.

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