Grandma Thinks She Has 3 Cats Until Grandson Notices This!

When an elderly Kansas woman let a new pack of stray cats in, she had no idea she would one day realize she made a mistake. A huge mistake.


The kind-hearted woman was known for her love of stray cats and she would literally take anyone in and provide it with a safe and warm home. However, when her grandson came to visit one day, he noticed something strange about one of the cats that was making itself feel very much at home.

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Grandma’s Love

One grandma was just a little more special than all the rest. Her love meant the world to her grandkids, and she always showed them how much she loved and appreciated them. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for them!

Her love was what kept one of her grandsons going, and he loved to see her and get closer to her. There was so much that the grandma could share with him, and he wanted to soak up all that wisdom!

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Living Alone

Eric’s grandma lives all alone. While she doesn’t mind, it does make her family worry about her. They often visit more than usual because they want to make sure that she is doing alright and not lonely.

Eric’s grandma has a lot of friends, so she doesn’t get lonely too often. However, she always loves to see her family and spend time with them.

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Animal Lover

Eric’s grandma really loved animals. While she had a few of her own, she wasn’t partial to any animal. She believed in loving everyone, and that included loving all the animals in the world.

It seemed like every time he visited, there was a new animal. He was usually very happy to see them because they were so friendly and sweet. In fact, he didn’t even realize that there were more than usual.

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Loves Animals as Well

Eric really loved animals, too. That’s why him and his grandma got along so well. He would come over regularly to see her and the animals, and she’d even bring the animals treats sometimes!

It seemed that he got his love of animals right from his grandma, but even he was surprised with her newest pet. Grandma was about to get a stern talking to.

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Too Trustworthy

Though her vision was bad, she became the neighborhood cat lady. It seemed that all the cats would come to her backyard to be fed! Some would stay for a while, some would take a meal and leave.

Some people would say that she was running a homeless cat soup kitchen in her backyard! But, when she saw a cat in need, she simply couldn’t let them go. Her main goal was to spread love to all the kitties.

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Gentle Creatures

Because Eric’s grandma lives alone, some people worried about her taking in strays. They often wondered if the animals could be dangerous. Thankfully, she only takes in cats. Cats are such gentle creatures.

Or, at least, that’s what her family thought. Cats are definitely gentle, but was her newest creature a little off? Something seemed fishy, and it didn’t seem like the usual cats she brought home.

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Visiting Her

Just like he did every week, Eric Hertlein went to go visit his sweet grandma. He always loved to see her and talk with her. There was usually something different about her house each time he would go.

It was extra special, and this time was even crazier. He never would have expected that by walking into his grandma’s house he would see what he did!

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Always Taking in Strays

Eric’s grandma was really sweet. She was always taking in stray animals because she loved them so much. When grandma saw someone in need, she couldn’t say no to him or her! They were too cute.

This extended to both people and animals, and she was always willing to show her love to others. It was pretty crazy, but he went to go look at the strays she had with her. There were a lot of animal beds in the house.

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Too Nice

Simply put, Eric’s grandma was just too nice. No matter what kind of animal came up to her, she was willing to give it a home. She was the kind of person that people write books about, and Eric was proud he was related to her.

When he looked a little bit closer at the animal beds, Eric was shocked. He had no idea that he would see what he did. As he went to count the animals, he backed away slowly. He was a little scared!

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The Grandma Job

The grandma job is simple—you got to love everyone. Every grandma knows that that’s the golden rule to being the best grandma that you can be. Eric’s grandma signed up for the job a long time ago.

So, she had some experience under her belt. The grandma was pretty busy with all her grandkids, but she still made time to welcome anyone that stepped foot into her home. So welcoming, that she let in something scary.

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Loving Everyone

Were there any limits to what grandma would take in? She had shown interest in all kinds of animals before. But, there was an issue. Lately, her vision had been getting worse. As you age, this is typical.

But, nobody knew that her vision was actually going to be this bad! Because she had a hard time seeing, it was hard knowing what kind of animal she was really letting into her home. She just trusted them all.

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Grandson Visits

Eric was a good grandson who always visited his grandma. Sometimes, you’ll see stories about grandpas and grandmas not getting very many visits. Eric wanted to make sure that never happened with his grandma.

He made it a point to go and visit with grandma every week so that she wouldn’t get lonely. Quite frankly, he enjoyed the company as well! It was a very fun and relaxing time when he visited with her.

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Introducing Cats

This time, when Eric went to visit Grandma, she wanted to show him some of her cats. There was always a revolving door at grandma’s house with animals. So, it was time to introduce all the new ones to him.

He saw the different beds and didn’t really think much of it. There were three kittens there, and they were all pretty cute. He went on his way and didn’t notice the cats again until much later in the day.

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Very Sweet

The cats were really sweet. Sometimes they would come and snuggle with you, but most times they just minded their own business. It was a typical cat thing to do. They hadn’t developed their mean streak just yet.

Eric liked cats, but not nearly as much as his grandma. These kittens were especially cute when they were all curled up in their beds. In fact, you couldn’t even tell what they were when they got all curled up!

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A New One Appears

Eric had looked at the cats earlier, but he didn’t really notice them. When he got up and saw the cats all in their beds, he saw one that looked a little bit different than the rest. The cats were finally awake.

Because of this, he was able to see their heads and what they looked like. But, this cat didn’t look like the rest. What was wrong with him? Eric wasn’t sure what was going on.

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Grandson Struggles

He wanted to tell his grandma, but he also didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing. But, he was a little bit scared. This was quite the struggle, and he didn’t want his grandma to be worried.

Grandma was doing a good deed, and she loved her cats! It would be horrible if he tattled on the cats and nothing was actually wrong. He went back and forth trying to decide whether or not he should tell her.

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Something’s Not Right

Something was just not right. He could see that by looking at the cats. Two of them were clearly kittens and looked like every other cat he had ever seen. But, one of them didn’t look normal. Its coloring was off.

But that’s not all. The shape of the cat was also a little strange. It was a bit bigger than the other kittens, but it was all curled up in bed like nothing happened. So, was Eric just making a bigger deal out of things?

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Crazy Cat Lady

His grandma was really what can be considered to be a crazy cat lady. She loved her cats! She would always have cats, and Eric remembered lots of kittens in the home from the time he was little.

It was just part of his grandma’s charm. Without all the cats running around, his grandma just wouldn’t be the same grandma that he knows and loves with all his heart. She really was terrific.

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Rescuing All

Eric’s grandma had a rule that she had to rescue all. She couldn’t bear the thought of a small animal being out in the cold without food and water. And the thought that they wouldn’t be loved was heartbreaking to her!

Animals had a special place in her heart, no matter what type. So when Eric mentioned something about the cat, grandma was ready to go to fight for the little guy. No one messes with her cats!

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That’s Not a Cat

It was at that moment that Eric broke the news to his grandma. He told her that it was definitely not a cat sitting in the bed with the other kittens. Eric tried to point out all the differences.

Clearly, this cat was grey and much larger than a regular cat. Plus, it didn’t have cat whiskers or anything like that. The more he looked at the animal, the more he was sure it was not a cat at all!

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Arguing With Grandma

Grandma wasn’t ready to give up on the cat. She insisted that it was actually a cat! Eric tried to tell her that it wasn’t, but grandma had some pretty good evidence that it was indeed a cat. She had even named the little guy.

Plus, he was all curled up in bed, surely that meant he was a cat! He loved to act like a cat, he looked like a cat, and she named him a cat. It had to be a cat!

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Named Tete

Grandma argued that this little fella was named Tete. He was as cute and cuddly as can be. He was definitely a stray, but he’d been over with grandma for almost a week. He hadn’t caused any problems at all.

Tete was really sweet and nice. It almost had Eric convinced, but he was ready to do some more research to show that Tete was not actually a cat like she thought.

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An Awesome Pet

Tete had been an awesome pet. In fact, grandma was hoping that she could keep him as a regular cat! Some stray cats cause a little bit of trouble. They’ll get in fights with the other cats and cause problems.

But, not Tete. Tete was really nice and cool, and Eric didn’t want to break his grandma’s heart. It was clear to him that Tete was going to have to go and get out of the house. It could be dangerous!

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Still Not a Cat

Despite all what grandma said, Eric couldn’t believe that Tete was a cat. He had an idea of what the fella actually was, but he was a little scared to mention it to his grandma. Would she believe him?

She wanted to believe that it was a cat so bad, but even if you wished it, it wasn’t true. Eric was going to have to burst his grandma’s bubble. It was, unfortunately, the only thing to do in this situation.

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The Tough Truth

Eric couldn’t hold it in any longer; he knew it was time to tell Nana what Tete really was. He had to think of a smooth way to tell her that this one was definitely not a cat. While it could look like one from far away, it was something else.

In fact, what grandma was hosting was the furthest thing from a house pet and so Eric wanted to make sure she got Tete out of the house as soon as possible.

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That’s Not a Dog

One family in China brought home what they believed was a big mastiff puppy. However, things started to get weird as the puppy grew up. He started growing really quickly, and he was practically eating everything!

When the puppy was standing on its hind legs, the family was pretty confused. What could this animal really be? Was it really just a big dog?

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Too Big

The family knew that the dog was just a bit too big for a real dog, so they took it into the vet. As things would happen, the dog was actually a bear! The family had been living with a little black bear cub for some time without knowing.

While the bear never tried anything dangerous, the family knew they weren’t the right home for it. The bear was sent to a rehab center to live out its life.

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Another Hilarious One

Apparently, a lot of people in China are getting duped! This woman in china bought a Japanese Spitz puppy from a pet store. Or, so she thought. She worked hard to feed the little guy dog food, but he didn’t want any of it once he was three months old.

She thought it was a little strange, but he was so cute and fluffy that she thought it had to be the dog she had bought. There was no way the pet store sold her something else!

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What Was It?

Well, as it would turn out, the dog was actually not one at all. It was really a fox! No one would have thought that a fox would be sold at a pet store, but apparently, the pet store didn’t know either!

The woman did the right thing. She knew that she couldn’t keep the fox, no matter how cute the little fella was! So, she gave the fox to the zoo where it would live.

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A Wonderful Save

When three construction workers were driving past a frozen lake, they saw a dog fall into the water. Seeing that the dog was fighting for its life, they couldn’t leave him there! The three workers went through the icy waters to get to the dog.

As they pulled him out, it was clear that the dog was dying. They rushed it to the vet in hopes that things would get better and the dog would survive.

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No Barking

The construction workers drove to the vet and something seemed off. The dog wasn’t barking at all. While a lot of dogs will stay quiet, this one was a little too quiet. And, it was a little bit big for a dog.

Still, they didn’t fret on it much considering the dog was in the fight for its life. However, when they got to the vet, everything would change.

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Definitely Not a Dog

They told the construction workers that it definitely was not a dog! In fact, this little guy was not so little after all. It ended up being a wild wolf! Thankfully, the wolf had been really calm the whole way over.

This was a fairly young one, which is how they mistook the wolf for the dog. However, all their buddies sure did have a good laugh about it!

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Putting it Back

The vet took the same care with the wolf as it would with any other animal. They ensured that it would get the proper care! When the animal was finally warm and all healed up, the vet released the animal back into the wild.

He hadn’t been around humans for too long, so it was okay for the wolf to go back to where they found him. It was still a good deed that they did!

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Cute Little Cats

When a family happened upon a group of cats that had been abandoned, they did what any smart person would do, they took them in! The cats were adorable, but they did seem to be a little bit big for kittens.


Still, they didn’t think much about it. It was only when the kittens started acting weird that they took them to the vet to get them checked out. It would change everything.

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Something Much More Dangerous

These weren’t cats at all! In fact, these kittens were really baby bobcats. Thankfully, the kids weren’t near the animals for very long, and the bobcats were actually pretty friendly! That was thanks to their age.

Had they been any older, who knows what would happen? It was a good thing they got them while they were small!

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A Tiger Sighting

Now, this one might be a little bit of a stretch. One woman called in a complaint in New York City saying that she had just spotted a tiger going through Central Park! This sent New York into a flurry of action and confusion.

Where was this tiger and how could it be stopped? They searched everywhere for the mysterious striped animal that was said to be a tiger.

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Another Animal With Stripes

Instead, it turned out to be another animal with stripes, and one that was far less menacing. As it would be, it was just a racoon! The woman had seen the stripes and thought that it was a tiger. We aren’t sure how you could mix that up, but perhaps it was a very big racoon.

You never know! New York had practically been shut down, so they were just glad that there was no tiger on the loose after all.

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Cute Little Puppies

Other people were loving that there were cute little puppies. Everyone was racing to buy these cute puppies online. When they got the teacup pups, they were surprised with just how tiny they were.

However, considering they were supposed to be teacup dogs, everyone thought it was okay. In fact, the company had glowing reviews from their customers!

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Fancy Hairdos

The people behind the website had a trick up their sleeve. They were doing some really fancy hairdos on the animals, and it seemed that it was working to trick all the customers. No one complained about the teacup dogs not being dogs.

Well, until one day. Someone thought that these dogs looked a little strange. As the dug deeper, they realized why things looked so strange in the end.

You can’t miss out on this, you’ll die laughing!

Really Ferrets

As it would turn out, these weren’t dogs, but ferrets! If you dress up a ferret and give them a really fancy hairdo, it really does look like a dog! This was one of the funniest scams of the century.

However, the dog owners didn’t quite get the same laugh. They couldn’t believe that they had spent so much money on a little ferret!

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Letting in Her Cat

One grandma was a little too close to Tete’s caretaker. When she heard that her cat was scratching at the back door in the middle of the night, she let them in. She didn’t want her cat to be cold!

The cat came and snuggled up next to her without a care in the world. The grandma went back to sleep and didn’t think anything of it until the next morning.

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The Next Morning

When the next morning came around, she couldn’t’ believe what was in her house! There was a raccoon! At first, she wasn’t sure how it could have happened. In fact, the grandma was scared. Where was her cat?

Did the raccoon sneak in all by itself? Then, everything came back to her. She realized that it was never her cat at the door but this raccoon instead.

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Out of My House!

Of course, grandma wasn’t having it. She yelled loudly so that the raccoon would get scared and go out of the house! She wanted her cat back, not some alley cat! The raccoon skittered as soon as it knew it wasn’t welcomed.

It gave grandma quite a fright, and apparently, she was nothing like Tete’s grandma because she freaked out!

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A Stray Puppy

We’re about to get back to what Tete really is, but we have to tell you about one last crazy story. A family picked up a stray puppy in the middle of the road. Heartbroken that a puppy could die, the wife raced out and grabbed the puppy.

They didn’t know how bad of a condition the animal was in, so they brought it to the vet immediately. They wanted to help.

The big reveal is coming up. What was grandma really holding?

The Good Samaritan

This woman was one good Samaritan, but no one knew that the puppy would turn out to be something completely different. As they examined the little guy, the vet started to become suspicious.

This was nothing like the other dogs that he saw on a daily basis, and he knew that he had to tell the woman what was going on.

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Breaking the News

He regrettably broke the news to the woman that this was not a puppy but rather a baby coyote! Thankfully, they fixed the baby up and let it back into the wild with animal rescue.

So, grandma wasn’t all alone when it came to mistaking an animal for something else. But the question remained, what was Tete? What had grandma had in her house for the past few weeks?

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The Cat Was… an Opossum!

Eric finally gathered enough courage to tell his grandma that the stray cat was actually none other than an opossum! He knew that his news may be a bit hard to swallow, but all he cared about is getting this creature as far away from the house as possible.

He didn’t know how his grandma would react, and he certainly didn’t expect this reaction from her.

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Grandma in Denial

Grandma didn’t listen to Eric at all. Even if he was an opossum, it wasn’t causing any trouble. It was clear that she as in denial of the whole situation. Grandma wouldn’t believe one of her sweet cats was anything but!

Was it really that bad if she were to keep Tete? Grandma wasn’t sure what to do. When she got a closer look, she realized that Tete didn’t look as much like a cat as she thought. It would seem her grandson was right.

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Opossums’ Rare Character

Opossums are really special because they are marsupials! This is the same category as kangaroos. Opossums are a little bit rare, but people know them for one specific thing that they do.

These little creatures may look a little scary, but they are more scared of you than you should be of them! They are actually pretty sweet when they are in the presence of humans, but you don’t want to get too close to them.

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A Bad Rap

These little guys often have a bad reputation. A lot of people think that they had rabies! But, here’s the thing: Possums are almost all immune to rabies! 95% of the possum population is completely immune to rabies.

They cannot catch it and they cannot spread it. Since that was a concern of Eric’s, he was happy to hear that his grandma hadn’t been put at risk. He had to google all this information!

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Pest Control

In fact, possums are great to keep around because they can help prevent Lyme’s disease. This is because ticks carry Lyme’s, and possums eat ticks. They can eat 5,000 ticks in one year! They are definitely nice to keep around.

They also eat other small bugs, so if you’ve been wanting some pest control, these possums can help. But if you ask Eric’s grandma, she’d say that Tete is happy with cat food.

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Very Scared

Possums are marsupials that are a little bit scared of humans. This is especially true with the mothers. They are carrying babies, so they will growl or hiss if a human gets too close because they want to protect their young.

This is usually a sign you are dealing with a possum. The problem is that Tete never did this to grandma! There wasn’t any sign that he wasn’t a cat.

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Often Pets

If you think Eric’s grandma is the only person who has had a possum as a pet, you’d be wrong! When Eric posted the story, lots of people came up and said that they too had a possum as a pet at one point.

Many of them said the possums were as friendly and kind as can be, and there wasn’t anyone who said they regretted having it as a pet.

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Only Marsupial

One interesting fact about possums is that they are the only marsupial in North America! Other marsupials contain animals like kangaroos. However, the possum is the only one that we have here.

Seeing them in the wild can be unusual because many of them are nocturnal animals, so you usually only see them at night. That’s why people often see them playing dead in the road!

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Stores Babies in Pouch

What makes a possum a marsupial is that they store their babies in a pouch in their stomach until they are fully matured. In this pouch, the babies can get all the nutrition that they need.

It’s a little bit strange, but that’s what makes a marsupial what it is. If you see a possum with a large belly, they usually have lots of babies stored in their pouch. In fact, they can have up to twenty in there!

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Thought of as Ugly

Lots of people think of possums as ugly, but that can’t be further from the truth. While they can look scary if you catch them at night, they can also be adorably cute when they are just hanging out in your house.

If you asked Eric’s grandma, she’d say there’s nothing further from the truth! Tete is the cutest little animal she’s ever had around, so she doesn’t think possums are ugly.

Pretend to Play Dead

Opossums are known for one specific thing. It’s how they play dead! When they get scared, the opossums will play dead and act like they are not alive. This is a defense mechanism to hopefully get other animals to leave them alone.

They are fairly good at behaving, and they would like to avoid predators if possible. These little guys really are fairly shy, so it’s a miracle that the grandma found Tete in the first place!

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Grandma Found Him

Grandma found Tete on her back porch just like any other stray cat. He was a little harder to get into the house, but he warmed up to grandma pretty fast. Everyone warms up to grandmas! This little guy was no exception.

When she found him, he looked like he was starving. He sat there staring at grandma and she couldn’t help but get him some food and a good home. Since she had some extra room in her house, she brought him in.

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Agrees it’s Not a Cat

It took a little bit of convincing, but grandma finally admitted that Tete wasn’t a cat. While it still looked like a cat to her, he was clearly an opossum. Grandma wasn’t sure what to do in this situation.

She’d never had something like this happen to her before, so she wasn’t sure what to do. It was clear that Tete needed a home, and she really enjoyed having him around to snuggle with and love on!

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Not the First Time

It’s hilarious that this grandma won’t admit that the possum is actually a cat, but guess what? She’s not the first person to mistake a possum for a cat! This is what’s really interesting. One woman said that she regularly takes in possums!

She left a comment on the post saying that the possum had brought a date and was nothing but polite. And there’s more!

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Broken Glasses

Another sympathetic possum lover is one grandma who broke her glasses. When a possum came in through the door the same color of her dog, she couldn’t see the difference! The little fella stayed a few days.

He never once got into any trouble, so were possums as really bad as they seemed? This grandma was unsure of it! But would she admit it wasn’t a cat?

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Not Friendly Cat

It seems that there were some people who had a few other experiences with possums that were less than pleasant. One person tried to rescue a cat and told many others about it. They even posted pictures!

From the looks of it, they thought the possum was a Siamese cat. While they had the coloring correct, it wasn’t a cat at all! The only question remains, was Tete a cat or not?

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Refuses to Let Him Go

That was it. Grandma had decided that even though he was an opossum, Tete was allowed to stay. This, of course, made Eric very wary of the situation. Was it possible that he would be able to sleep at night?

Knowing his grandma had a wild animal in the home would be pretty hard for him to deal with. He wanted his grandma to be safe! But, she assured him that everything was going to be fine in the end.

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House Broken

Thankfully, Tete wasn’t going potty all over the house. It seemed that he was great at being house broken and never had any accidents. Maybe that’s another reason the grandma thought that this was a little cat.

However, what happened is really interesting. She never thought Tete was anything less than a cat, so you’ll be shocked at how long this went on for.

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A Few Months

When Eric posted his post, he never thought it would get the attention that it did. His caption was, “My grandma has been taking care of a possum these last couple months thinking it was just another cat.”

The grandma took care of the possum for a few months! This wasn’t just a couple day thing. Tete lived in the house like a regular cat for months.

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Getting Along Fine

Perhaps the craziest thing of all was that the cats got along so well. There was nothing amiss about their friendship, so grandma never thought that Tete may not be a cat. She also said that she hoped they continue to get along.

These two species show that you can be friends with anyone that you meet! Though they may be different, they got along just fine.
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He Isn’t a Bother

Grandma told Eric that Tete was no bother to her at all. In fact, he’d been one of the easiest strays that she had ever brought into the home! Because of this, he would definitely stay. It was the easy thing to do.

Of course, she would need to check with the wild animal services in her area. Surely, there would be some rules about keeping a wild animal in the house at all times!

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Tete’s Favorite Things

Tete is like any other animal in the house that she has had. Over the few months she has had Tete, she’s noticed a few of his favorite things. He loves cat food and never complains about eating it.

Tete also loves to hang out in the bed that Eric’s grandma provided him with. Another favorite thing is to play with the cat toys!

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Becoming a Cat

Tete seems to have accepted his fate as a cat. Perhaps the reason that Grandma never knew that Tete was a possum was because he became like a cat! He did everything that the cats did.

When they played, he played. When they ate, he ate. He even used the litter box! Tete seemed so much like a cat, and Grandma wasn’t the only one he fooled.

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Fooled Lots

Eric’s grandma was a very social woman. People would come over to her house and hang out, get some tea, play some bridge, watch some TV, and no one noticed anything wrong. Tons of people looked at Tete and saw a cat.

When she introduced her cats, they never said anything wrong. Now, this could be because they were all elderly and may have not had the best eyesight. Or, it could be because of this.

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More Cat Than Possum

Tete was simply more cat than possum. While you would expect for Tete to be wild and fierce, he never was. He would cuddle up like the other cats and have a jolly old time.

And while his snout was a bit longer than a regular cat, it was clear that he fit into the household like any other animal. Eric just wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good thing.

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Cuddling Together

When Eric caught his grandma snuggling Tete, he began to freak out. This was not stray animal but an actual wild animal that belonged outside! It seemed that Tete was really enjoying the scratches and cuddles.

That’s when Eric decided he had to come out and tell his grandma. She had to believe him and know it wasn’t safe to snuggle Tete.

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Becoming the Favorite

It didn’t take long until Tete even started to become the favorite. He never hissed or growled like the other cats did, and he was always so cuddly during the day. Grandma just couldn’t believe he wasn’t a cat.

When she found it out, she was so worried. Would she actually be able to keep the wild animal indoors?

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Really Kind

Grandma was too kind to ever kick Tete out. If he wanted to stay, he would be allowed to. Eric, of course, was worried for his grandma’s safety. However, she assured him that Tete was very kind.

Nothing had ever happened that led her to believe the little guy was a danger to her. As long as he behaved, she didn’t see the problem with keeping him.

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Why Get Rid of Him

Grandma couldn’t see why she would get rid of such a cuddly little creature. With the spare bed and food she had, it made sense to keep Tete around. Eric thought the whole situation was a bit funny after everything.

So, he decided to post it online. The story quickly went viral for how adorable his grandma was. It was typical of grandmas everywhere to do something like this.

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Motivating Everyone

The story motivated everyone who read it. The grandma was so loving that she was willing to bring in a wild animal to her house, and that was something that resonated with many. What an adorable grandma that Eric has!

When he shared the story, they just couldn’t get enough. It was a unique experience that probably wouldn’t happen again!
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Grandma’s Friends

When Grandma told her friends that Tete was actually a possum, a few of them thought she had lost her mind wanting to keep him in the house! As they became more familiar with the cute little guy, they understood.

It was true that Tete was as calm as can be. Her friends even got a little excited to see a possum in real life! It was a really cool experience for all.

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Eric’s Family Reaction

Eric had gone to his grandma’s all alone, so when he came home and told them what had happened, they couldn’t stop laughing. It was something that screamed their grandma, and everyone got a kick out of it.

Of course, the family agreed that they needed to monitor Tete carefully and make sure no harm was coming to grandma because of it.

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Story to Remember

Despite the close encounter of something bad happening, everyone agreed that it was a story to remember. It was not your typical grandma moment, but it warmed their hearts knowing she spread her love to all.

Since the internet got a kick out of it as well, they deemed that there was no harm done to letting Grandma keep the possum after all.

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