Exciting Technology Degrees that Pay the Bills

Finding an area of study that you love and can still make money while doing? That’s a bit of a rat race, and only the lucky actually enjoy school and make a considerable amount of money after it’s all said and done. I’ve found some of the best technology degrees that are sure to land you a killer job.

Fortunately, the technology industry is growing and changing every day, so you can rest easy knowing that this is one industry that will never bore you. These technology degrees are some of the most exciting and fast-paced, and what’s more? Once you graduate, you’ll actually see a return on your expensive educational investment.

Computer Science

Sounds pretty standard? Well let’s talk about possibilities. While this could have you out there designing a brand-new laptop, you could also be designing the next social media platform or you could become a ninety-nine cent mobile phone app tycoon. There are hundreds of possibilities. Median pay five years out of college is a whopping $80 grand.

You can find work in a multitude of places. Small companies are always in need of people who can build and program websites for them, while major companies might need a mobile app develop and a web developer. The government even hires computer science students. You’ll have hundreds of opportunities with an awesome technology degree like this!

technology degrees

Information Technology Management

Information technology management is a competitive field with a lot of opportunity. With a degree, you have the opportunity to be a web or applications developer, a security analyst, a network systems administrator, a computer programmer and so much more. This is truly a degree that can land you an awesome high-paying jo or set you up for self-employed success.

Median pay differs depending on the career you want in this field, but you’ll see anything from $47-$127,000 five years after you’re employed. Of all the technology degrees, this one is especially for someone who wants a lot of diversity in their expertise. You can truly do most anything with this degree.

Videogame Programming

Are you more interested in the entertainment side of technology? Videogame programming is extremely competitive, so you have to constantly be on top of the trends and new technology to make it. Videogame programmers work with new gaming systems to develop exciting and innovative games for the computers and consoles alike. The technology is constantly changing, so while you’ll never feel stagnant. You’ll always be working on something brand new.

Videogame programmers can see anywhere from $45-$95,000 depending on their performance, position, and employer. Videogames are extremely competitive, so you’ll want to have modern and fresh ideas if you want to make it big.

Software Engineering

As our computer technology changes, so does our need for new applications. Software makes our like easier whether it’s meant to help us pay bills or count our calories. If you have ideas for cutting-edge software, then maybe it’s time to implement them with a software engineering degree.

Not only is this job useful if you want to be employed by companies that need software programs made for their business or to sell, but this job is also useful if you want to start your own business selling programs you create. Median pay for a traditionally employed software engineer is $97,000. That’s some serious cash.

Aerospace Engineering

Thought computer science was impressive? Wait for this one. Aerospace engineering focuses on the building and engineering of air and spacecrafts. With this degree, you can go into a multitude of different areas. While commercial airlines can utilize aerospace engineers, NASA and the Air Force also need engineers to help design, build, and test air and spacecrafts. Aside from building crafts, aerospace engineers also design the technology that aids in navigations, propulsion, and structure.

This is a constantly growing field in technology and some sources report median salaries as low as $90 grand while others suggest that if you’re working for the government, you could be making around $115 grand. That’s nothing to roll your eyes at.

technology degrees

If you’re interested in a field of work that is always changing and is sure to challenge and excite you, then a technology degree is the way to go. These degrees are my top picks for a rewarding and high paying career in the field of technology.

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