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Let’s be honest here – iPhones are pretty much still the best phones to own. We get almost everything first, we have over a million apps to choose from, and we still have the best service. But what if you are new to the iPhone game (welcome!) or you just purchased a shiny new iPhone that you can’t wait to fill with apps – where do you start?

The apps below are some of the best apps that aren’t already included in the “Essentials” list on the App Store:


If you love podcasts, Overcast is a fantastic option for those who are serious fans. For most people, the pre-installed Podcast App will be enough, but Overcast is great for those who want to discover new podcasts and download them onto your phone to listen whenever you want. There are some great customization options as well.

Google Maps

While the Apple Maps app is so much better than it used to be, it is still not the best you can get because it lacks something pretty important: points of interest. If you like to explore random places, Google Maps offers POIs that gives you something to do on a whim.

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Dark Sky

The Weather App isn’t always the best nor the most accurate reflection of the weather. Dark Sky is a paid app that allows you access to the most accurate weather forecasts and information that can really come in handy like whether you should walk the dog now or later, whether you need an umbrella throughout the day, or should you put on sunscreen. There is an Apple Watch app too that surpasses many others.


Keynote is the PowerPoint equivalent that lets you do last minute edits and tweaks to your slide deck. It syncs directly to your computer so that you don’t have to worry about it. You can even use your iPhone as your presentation means if you have a HDMI or VGA adaptor to a lightening port. This is perfect for people who make presentations but don’t want to lug a laptop around with them or just find the laptop to be too distracting to the audience.


Fantastical is a fantastic calendar app that lets you make important events quickly and easily without having to tap away and save things too soon. You can even link this account to other calendars so that you can stay organized without taking forever to fill out forms like you do on the Apple equivalent.

At the very least, you can type something simple like, “Lunch with Mimi at Carragher’s 2 PM” and the app will know exactly what you mean and fill out a form automatically for you.


There are plenty of photo editing apps out there, especially in iPhone land. However, VSCO is one that does amazing things and does them for free. There are some great tools for editing that makes them special, and the filters are elegant and understated. You can create your own look here, really honing in on your skills.

Even better, they have established quite a community that allows people to really improve and grow as photographers.


Cheatsheet allows you to take all of those little notes and ideas that you have and organize them into an easy-to-search and easy to organize database. Cheatsheet is an extremely simple app that doesn’t do more than it says, but it acts as a way for you to ensure that you never accidentally throw away a Post-It note nor do you forget about an important event because you were in too much of a hurry to write a note.


The Twitter app is just fine if you aren’t a serious tweeter, but if you are, Tweetbot is a great way to help you organize everything. You will be able to follow along on your timeline without having to worry about missing anything. Even better, if you are a brand you can use the audience tools to help you figure out when to tweet, what to tweet, and even how to tweet so that you get the most response.

What are some of your must have apps for your iPhone? There are plenty more out there to choose from – these are just a few of ours.

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