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If you are new to the Android market, or you are just trying to set up a new phone, you might be wondering about what the “Must Have” Android apps are. With so many options, it can be difficult to come up with a few that you absolutely need to have over the rest. This list doesn’t contain everything that everyone may need. Instead, it covers things that most people will want to have installed as soon as possible.

With these apps, you should be able to do almost anything with your phone. Of course, you will have to find some of your own apps to really make your phone feel personalized. We picked the apps that do what we need on a daily basis. From there, we looked at downloads, reviews, sizes, bug fixes, and comparable apps. For example, you don’t really need to have games on your phone nor do you need to have five different fitness apps.

Here are our suggestions for the best apps to download for an Android:


Evernote is a free app with premium options that does almost anything you can possibly imagine. It keeps lists, allows you to write notes, records voice messages, manages to do lists, clips from webpages, and allows you to organize everything that you want. There are articles all over the internet about cool things you can do with Evernote.

You’ll be able to input information while you are on the go and then access it when you are on your desktop computer, making it perfect for those in business who need to keep their contacts, meetings, and notes updated.

Facebook Messenger

The first reason to download this is just so Facebook stops asking you to do it. You know you are going to download Facebook, so you might as well just drink the rest of the Kool-Aid. Most people you know probably have a Facebook, so this is a great way to keep in contact with them without giving someone creepy or annoying your phone number. The messenger is serviceable, with stickers, Emojis, reactions, voice calling, and videos. You can even send SMS messages.

For those concerned about security, it does a pretty good job of keeping everything secure and you don’t even need to use your phone number. Just make sure to check that weird folder where unsolicited messages go every now and again.

Google Drive

Whether you are a student or a professional, Google Drive is a critical cloud storage service that allows you to store, edit, and share your documents. It follows the Microsoft Office Suite style and is compatible with those files. You can use Google Drive on your phone to create and edit all files from your phone and you can even store them on your phone so that you can access them when you don’t have internet. It is more of a pain than a traditional way of using Google Drive (from a computer), but it can really help you out in a pinch if you are struggling to get something done or you need to make emergency changes or print while on the go.

Last Pass

Let’s be honest: we suck at passwords. We use the same password for everything and never change it. Thankfully, Last Pass has come along to save the day. This service allows you to use your crappy password but creates longer, complex passwords for every site or app that you connect to it. Last Pass fills in all of the correct information for you on other forms as well.

It even gives you a safe way to share access with other people to certain accounts if you want – perfect for a small business. If you change a password, Last Pass syncs that change to all other devices you have connected to it, making your day seamless.

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Most of us wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for Netflix. With some of the best programming around, it gives you all of the entertainment you could need in your hand. Whether you watch something exclusive to Netflix, like Orange is the New Black or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or you are watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls, it is a fantastic app that can keep you up to date on all things pop culture and make those long waits in the doctor’s office go by just a little bit faster.

Plus, now you can download some shows for offline viewing, making it a fantastic option for travel.


There are many options to listen to music on your phone, but Spotify seems to be the best option for Android users. You can get access to all of the latest music with their massive catalogue. Even better, you can make playlists with or for your friends and have them make ones for you at the same time. Their streaming service is extremely difficult to beat and the only one that might compare is Apple Music – but you don’t have access to that with an Android phone.

These are a just a few of the apps that can come in handy on your new Android phone. Make sure to keep an eye on the store for more options that will make your life easier.

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