What to Eat to Boost Your Sex Drive

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As we age, as our bodies change, and as we feel differently about ourselves, our sex drive ebbs and flows. What we don’t realize is that a lot of it depends on what we eat. Food has been known to increase our sexual desires, but did you know that it can actually improve your performance as well?

Here are some foods you might want to eat before your next date night:

For Both

Spinach: Eating spinach can help to stimulate blood flow to your entire body, which can help make sexual encounters more pleasurable. Everything will happen more naturally.

Dark Chocolate: Chocolate has been known to increase serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which makes you happier and less stressed, which can lead to more fun in the bedroom. It too car increase your blood flow.

Peppers: Hot peppers stimulate endorphins, which can speed up your heart rate. This will help to get your blood flowing and can help to make everything feel a little more extreme.

Green Tea: Catechins, which are abundant in green tea, kill off free radicals and make you feel better about yourself. They have also been shown to make you lose weight, and we all perform better that way.

Oysters: Thanks to the zinc in oysters, they have been known to help with physical performance in the bedroom. It can also help to make you more fertile in the bedroom.

Pesto: Pine nuts have a ton of zinc (like oysters) so you will have a higher sex drive.

Ginger: If you like heated food, ginger has tons of health benefits. Eating just a teaspoon a few days a week will make your heart healthier – and that will make you perform better.

Pumpkin Seeds: Add some pumpkin seeds to your diet because they have amino acids that help you to produce serotonin in your brain. This helps to circulate your blood and makes you happier.

Bananas: Bananas help to counteract sodium because of how much potassium is in there. This will help to keep you slim and helps to avoid bloating, which can make you perform better.

Potatoes: No matter how you prepare them, potatoes are a good source of potassium as well. This will help to keep your blood circulation up, which can increase your performance and the amount of pleasure you feel.

Fatty Fish: Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to spike the dopamine in your brain. This is the part of your brain that triggers arousal. It will also make you feel more relaxed and like you can have more fun.

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For Her

It is uncommon for women to experience a decline in sexual drive, but something that is gone doesn’t have to stay away. Include these foods in your diet and you will get your groove back:

Coffee: Coffee can seriously boost your libido thanks to the stimulants that are in there. This makes women particularly in the mood.

Red Wine: Red wine heightens your sexual desires and stimulates pleasure when you are with someone. Just make sure to be careful and never take advantage of someone who has had too much wine. There is a limit between feeling good and being drunk.

Red Meat: If you are crazy busy and don’t have a libido, it could be because you are stressed and fatigued from a lack of iron in your diet. Eating red meat can help ease your exhaustion and weakness.

For Him

As men age, they start to lose their ability to get “in the mood” as well as to last as long once they get there. If you are experiencing that, try adding these foods into your diet:

Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice has a positive effect on erectile dysfunction. The antioxidants can help with blood flow – but be careful about drinking too much because there is a lot of sugar there.

Watermelon: Watermelon is better for you than Viagra and has the same effect, allowing you to have more circulation and better performance while you’re in bed.

Blueberries: Eating blueberries can help you to perform better in bed and to get into the mood more often and whenever you want – without having to take a little blue pill. Instead, just pop a few little berries.

Nuts: All kinds of nuts can help you to get into the mood. They reduce cholesterol levels, allowing your body to circulate blood. This can help you to stay in the game just a little bit longer.

Garlic: Garlic has been used to boost stamina of all kinds for generations. Garlic helps to reduce the amount of fatty deposits in arteries, which means that you can go the entire night long.

Oats: Oats might not seem all that sexy and attractive, but they can actually help you out. They will lower your cholesterol levels and keeping your arteries healthy. The better your cholesterol levels are, the better your sex life will be: for both you and the other person.

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