Creating A Backyard Oasis From Nothing

When people lose their loved ones, there are many ways in which . they can react, after all, there is no right or wrong way to deal with grief. The man in our story lost his beloved dog and needed time to grieve, naturally. Searching for a creative outlet to take his mind off his loss, he decided to build a koi pond in his backyard. He could get lost in the work and create something that can be admired for years to come.Although the pond sounded like a fun and easy project for him to do, he soon set his efforts on something more grand and exciting—a pool!

This was no ordinary one, either. The project he decided to undertake was a long and tiring one, but the result in the end is phenomenal! Continue reading to find out how this innovative man turned his backyard into a gorgeous tropical wonderland for him and his family to enjoy!

This amazing backyard transformation that is going to leave you completely envious!

Dealing With Grief

Shortly after the loss of his dog, the grieving master came up with an idea. To get over his grief, he decided to build a calming koi pond in his backyard. It can be a place of reflection and a way to keep his mind off his beloved pooch, he thought. The homeowner threw himself into his work, as this was the best way to deal with his sorrow.

He scoped out the ideal place for the pond, sketched up some rough plans, and began digging. He had the perfect shape in mind, so it took a while to finish the initial excavation. Little by little, he got the outline of the pond the way he wanted it and was satisfied with the first phase of his exciting project.

The homeowner changes his mind on building the koi pond! What happened? Click ‘Next’ for his amazing new inspiration!

A New Life

At the same time, the homeowner started his koi pond plans, his wife was ready to have their baby at any day. It wasn’t long into the initial pond construction when they were headed to the hospital for the birth. They were expecting a boy and he couldn’t be any happier.

When the precious bundle arrived, the new father couldn’t stop staring at his tiny face. His son deserved the world, he thought. He wants to give him the best life possible. Oddly enough, this got him thinking about his backyard and that koi pond he was building. While the pond is going to be pretty to look at, what use is the family really going to get out of it? His son deserved a fun and loving home. What if he builds a swimming pool instead?

Is he going to be able to pull this off? You are not going to believe the answer! Click ‘Next!’

That’s What Friends Are For

When the new family of three returned home, the decision to make a pool was still weighing heavy on the brain. He knew that building a pool is going to take far more time and resources than a small koi pond takes. He needed additional manpower as well, but who can he ask?

As he scoured over a list of friends and family, one name stuck out to him. One of his good friends was recently unemployed and spends most of his days at home. He has the construction knowledge and muscle as well—the perfect combination. He called his friend and told him about the new situation. His best bud was more than happy to help him complete the project!

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Plans Coming Together

The two friends began to tackle the backyard hole. They had all the necessary equipment you could think of for digging. Shovels, buckets, sandbags—they tried to think of everything. The two men had a plan of action and started to dig. The hole needed to be much bigger and much deeper than originally planned. It was going to be a lot of back breaking work.

They toil on the hole for days. They reinforced it with rebar and steel poles to make sure the dirt stays how they want it. Sandbags were used to define the shape of the pool and for safety. It was starting to come together! As the new dad surveys the progress, he knows this is not going to be any old pool. This pool is going to be a slice of heaven when they are done with it!

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A Delicate Arrangement

With the reinforcement of the pool complete, the two friends paused to take in the next steps. Pulling out his new pool blueprint, the owner let his friend in on what he had planned for his project. As he laid out the instructions, the other man could not believe his eyes! This pool is going to be incredible!

They started marking off areas where the depth of the pool is going to change. This is one of the most important parts, so they had to double check that what they were doing was according to plan. After they leveled off the different areas, the plumbing was next. This is another crucial step that is going to make this DIY project come together. They had to make sure it was perfect!

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First Time Plumbers

Both men weren’t plumbers, but they sure were going to try! The owner knew he had to get a much bigger water pump than what was needed for the koi pond. After doing some research, he settled on an appropriate sized one and was ready to install the bulky piece.

First, they had to pour a concrete pad near the edge of the pool. Once dry, they could place the pump onto the pad. After a couple of days of drying, the duo took out the heavy-duty piece of machinery, and put it in place. As they installed, they had the bright idea of marking off the pump parts accordingly to ensure they had everything placed correctly. Setting it took a few hours, but they were more than ready for the challenge!

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It Is A Scorcher

It was now mid-July, and temperatures were running through the roof. Even though the first few weeks of the project went without a hitch, the weather was making it tougher to work as fast as they had been doing. Since they couldn’t bring the air conditioning outside, the best they could do was put up a large canopy to cover them as they toiled in the summer sun.

The overhead shade made it tolerable to continue. They were ready to press on and get the job done. Surveying how far they had come, the scope of work was really quite impressive! The white sandbags outlined the backyard paradise that was in the works and the excitement level was growing bigger!

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The Heat Is On

Although the overhead canopy helped, the summer heat was still taking a toll on the two gentlemen. It was near the end of July, and temperatures were well over 100 degrees! The stifling heat caused the men to slow down the work so as not to literally burn out.

They still had plenty of dirt that needed to be dug out of the area, and the only way they knew how to do it was by bucket. They still had to stick to a modest budget, so heavy machinery was out of the question. The job seemed like it was going to take forever, but the pool owner reassured his buddy that it is all going to be worth it in the end! They were almost ready for the next phase in construction, which also meant they were closer to getting the job done!

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Pressing Forward

Despite the intense heat, the men continued to work on the masterpiece. The pool still had some final reinforcements that had to made, and they worked on getting a retaining wall in place. They were finally able to slope the walls and get the levels in place as the weeks went on.

After the wall, the men focused back on the plumbing and water system. They needed a way to keep the pool clean when it became operational, so they needed to figure out the perfect approach. They soon settled on a waterfall skimmer tank to take care of the filtration. They began to install the pieces one by one.

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The Grotto Is Under Construction

The men were ready to tackle the next project. The grotto! The owner knew he had to have a pool with a wow factor, and this was it. When his son grows older, the two of them are going to have so much fun swimming in and out of the underwater cave!

He and his friend gridded the pool shell with rebar, ensuring the steel was properly placed at all angles. It took some time to get the measurements correct, but when they were through they knew it was going to look stunning in the end. The backyard was a mess, but there was a method to the madness and the two hard workers were excited to push through! They are going to be the envy of the neighborhood, that is for sure!

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Time Is Money

The grotto is looking more and more like what is being envisioned. It’s been a couple of months into the project and others are starting to see what the homeowner is imagining. The pool is going to look gorgeous! The location of it is flush with the wooden deck, so access is going to be easy for his family and friends.

With $5,000 already spent into the project, they knew that they had to rein in any frivolous spending. The grotto construction was time and money consuming but necessary. Now with the cage in place, it was easy to see how the water is going to flow in and out of the area. The plumbing was coming together, too. He couldn’t wait to show his wife and son what they had in store for them. They were going to love it!

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Paying Attention To Detail

The weather was still sweltering, but the men continued to work on the grotto. They wanted to finish the project within the next several weeks, so stopping was not an option. At this point, they were working on the last few design details of the grotto and plumbing.

They were trying to figure out the water discharge tank position. This was a long process! Since they did not have any heavy machinery to help them with the construction, all the work was done by hand. Bending each rebar pole by hand was tough, especially under the hot sun. It felt like this stage was never going to end as they kept finding areas that needed to be worked on.

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Some Good News

Bending rebar by hand is tough! The men wore heavy duty gloves for the job, but it still was not easy. Hundreds of bars had to be laid just right for what the owner was trying to do. Days and days of pure torture were starting to take a toll on the two men. Is this job too tough for just the two of them?

Just when they were about to consider having some additional hands work on the project, the rebar work was hours away from being complete. The men decided to keep the job between them and could bend the final few pieces into the proper position. Boy were they sore! That was a complete workout in itself!

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Family Is Number One

The rest of the family was now starting to get really excited about the project nearing its end. The homeowner knew that this project was started all because of his baby boy. He couldn’t wait for the day he could jump in the pool with him and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

It is going to be a few years before that is going to happen, but it was hard not to daydream about the father-son bonding time. Although the project is for the baby, he still did not want to forget the memory of his favorite dog. This backyard oasis is going to have a lot of sentiment tied to it, and that is what kept him going during those hot summer days.

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A Huge Effort

Although the two men were the main workers on the project, at times family and friends came by to lend a hand. The project was huge for just a two-man crew, so any offered help was appreciated.

While many came to help, there were several onlookers that just wanted to see what was going on. News had spread that the homeowner was building something fantastic, and many wanted a front row seat to the construction magic. He was the talk of the town and became a local celebrity for his amusing backyard idea. Neighbors and residents could only hope they are going to be invited to the pool’s grand opening!

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Bring In The Toys

The two men had avoided having to rent any machinery to help them until this point. Now, they were at the stage where they had to pour the concrete, and that could not be done manually. They found a company that can deliver the necessary equipment, and they got to work once they arrived.

This was becoming more real! The men prepped the area for the concrete pour with smiles on their faces. It had been nearly six weeks and they were ready for this project to come to an end. They assembled all the necessary hoses and tubes and were ready for a day of fun. Anything was better than bending that rebar!

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Closer To The Finish Line

The two men stood back and let the professionals do the rest of the concrete work. They could prep the pool and grotto for the pour, and they couldn’t wait to see the results. The concrete company laid down the necessary foundation before they started the application process.

If done wrong, the whole shell could crack and they are going to have to do the pour again. They made sure all necessary tools were in place and the foundation set to avoid that scenario. It was time for the big moment! Starting from the top of the hole, they slowly fill the grid with the molasses-like stone mixture. The concrete, called Shotcrete, is specifically made for pool surfaces and should set with no problems.

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The Time Is Near

With the Shotcrete in place, the sculpting can now be done. The owner showed his vision to the concrete works and they started to work. Soon, you could see his ideas form right in front of your eyes. The Shotcrete now looked like rock formations, it was truly amazing!

The construction workers dug grooves and used drills to create the realistic look. After the work was done, they let the pool shell rest for a week. Even without the water, the resulting look already was gorgeous. There were multiple layers to look at. There was the grotto, the main pool, and even a baby pool incorporated into the design! He really did think of everything!

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The Amazing Views

The views were amazing! The rebar they worked on for so long is now hidden by a cover of smooth concrete. The retaining wall has taken shape and the walls are smoothed out and ready to take on water! The men can’t wait to see their hard work completed, it really was all worth it.

The rock formations really set off the look for the whole pool. It almost looks tropical now and welcoming. The men admire their work and take pictures at every angle. They want to remember this moment before the job is complete. They really did bring paradise to the back yard!

The moment is here! You can’t imagine what was created! Click ‘Next!’ to see complete pool paradise!

Splashing In Heaven

The moment is finally here! It has taken over two months and $10,000, but the result was well worth the time and energy! They landscaped the area around the pool and the look is amazing. The pool is filled up with cool clear water, and the homeowner and his family are ready for their first dip.

As they splash in the water, dad and son are enjoying their first pool bonding moment. This was what he dreamed of when he started this project. He can make memories with his family for many years to come. Looking at his son’s eyes, he knows he made the perfect decision!

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