Childbirth from Transplanted Uterus

We can all agree that childbirth is a miracle. Childbirth from a woman with a transplanted uterus is an even bigger one. The uterus in question was received from a deceased donor no less.

Until now, 11 births have been reported in women that have a transplanted uterus from living donors. This childbirth is the first of its kind, as the uterus came from a previously deceased individual. This represents a considerable boost for women who for some reason lost their wombs, as the number of available uteruses rises.

Scientists have wondered for a long time whether childbirth like this is even possible. Childbirth from a uterus transplanted from a living donor has proven to be successful. The first childbirth of this kind was performed in Sweden around 2014.

A recent study has shown that close to 1.5 million women across the world suffer from infertility caused by a missing uterus. The uterus may be missing for various reasons, from congenital conditions. The uterus in question came from a woman in her forties that died from a stroke. She gave birth three times, all of them vaginal.

The recipient had her surgery performed in 2016 at the age of 32. She had her first menstruation after 37 days. After an additional seven months, the doctors inserted an embryo into the uterus. During the pregnancy, the blood flow was regular in both the arteries and the umbilical cord. After the delivery, the doctors removed the uterus.

The childbirth ended with a cesarean section, and the infant was perfectly healthy.  The procedure overall had been a huge success and showed that it is a procedure that women can undergo without much issue.

Scientists need to perform further testing to determine which uterus may work well after transplantation. Compared to other organs the uterus is highly resilient.

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