The Calming Effect of the Beach

Its summer and everyone seems to be heading off to the beach. Perhaps you always like to go there, but really can’t figure out why. There’s no doubt that we come back from the beach relaxed and in a better state of mind. In the old days sick people were taken to the sea to recover. The healing properties of the ocean are not an imagined phenomenon. They are the result of the Earth’s amazing natural resources. Here’s why your body thanks you for taking a trip to the shore.


The sound of the ocean is extremely calming. The waves are repetitive which have a calming effect on the brain. The static type sound has the effect of white noise. Some people pay big money for these machines. They often have many varieties of sounds. One of the sound is usually the waves of the ocean. As you listen to the waves your mind kind of goes on autopilot. The ongoing splashing helps you fall asleep, much like a lullaby does.

The Air 

The air at the beach is a great help when you have a cold. Think about the machines and medicines that you buy to help with congestion. You can go to the beach for less money than you spend on these items. Saline for spray for your nose is mainly salt water. The salt in the air helps to clear mucous when you breath it in. it works so well in the natural environment that you may feel the effects within a few minutes of arriving at the beach. The air also acts like a humidifier, which also costs a pretty penny.

The Water

Be sure to take a dip if you want to benefit from everything the beach has to offer. You would think that the salt water would have a drying effect on the skin, and in some ways it does. The drying effect, however, does not outweigh the rest of the effects. The salt water heals cuts and dries out acne. Those with eczema suffer extremely dry and itchy skin. The salt can soothe the raised welts that are the telltale sign of this disease. The itching may be completely alleviated while you enjoy your swim. The entire ocean acts like an Epsom salt bath, releasing your muscles from tension, as well.

The Sand

Most of us lay on a towel when we are at the beach. The sand can be irritating if it gets in your clothes or eyes. The sand, however, can be great for your skin. Be sure to take a nice walk up and down the shoreline before you go. Remain barefoot while you do this. The sand acts like a pumice stone on dry and calloused feet. This is a great way to get summer smooth feet in a jiffy. All you have to do is go out a collect a few seashells while the sand works its magic. If you are not opposed to a little digging and sand castle building, the sand can help to smooth your hands, as well.


The beach is known for relaxing. There are plenty of sports that revolve around the ocean, however, most of us head to the shore with a towel, an umbrella, and a book. There is no denying the calming effects on the mind. This is one place you won’t need your earbuds. The ocean takes care of the sounds for you. The smell seems to also have an effect on the nerves. It is not clear if it is the actual smell. This may be due to the fact that we learn over time to associate the smell with the calm that we feel. Either way, anxiety sufferers usually feel a sincere relief when visiting the beach.

The beach is one of the best getaways for summer fun. It has also been known for its healing qualities for generations. The sea is especially helpful for specific conditions, but the calming effects of the ocean waves can help those with even the worst nerves. Treat yourself to a natural spa day at a fraction of the cost. Your skin, sinuses, and mental health all stand to benefit from one of Earth’s most amazing treasures.

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