The Best Crystals to Use to Feel Better

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While some people try to pass it off as something “new age” and hoaxy, crystals have made a comeback into modern culture. Still, they have been used for thousands of years to help with mental, physical, and spiritual pain. Since crystals originate on the earth, they can help you to connect with mother nature and the earth, tapping into the spiritual energy and allow you to feel more relaxed and balanced.

However, not at all crystals are created equally. Each one gives you something different:

Aventurine: New Opportunities

If you are looking for something new and exciting, invest in aventurine. It will open up the energy in your heart and attract new options and chances. It also helps to increase your self confidence, self-worth, and optimism. As you open up your energy fields, you will be able to not only see new opportunities, you will be able to make the most of them.

Bloodstone: Energy

Bloodstone used to be used in jewelry so that people could purify their blood as they wore it. When our blood flows cleanly and smoothly, our life force is strong. This means that we have more energy. Wearing or holding bloodstone allows you to get rid of negative energy in your life – from self-doubt to laziness. It can help to increase your personal drive as well, making you more ambitious and enthusiastic in life.

Carnelian: Creativity

Ancient cultures used carnelian to help attract fortune and increase the chance to be successful in creative arts. It does this by removing the energy that blocks your creativity. If you are feeling like you can’t quite do something or you need some motivation, hold and look at the crystal. It is a gorgeous orange color that will ignite your passion and push you forward. It will make you feel more confident that you can succeed.

Celestite: Stress Relief

Celestite is a word that comes from the Latin word for celestial. Even just looking at this gorgeous blue crystal will make you happier and feel just a bit lighter. It is the ideal crystal for people who are stressed at work or school, allowing you to get restful sleep and have a clearer mind. For athletes, placing it on your body will help to release muscle stress.

Citrine: Presence

If you find yourself reflecting on the past or dreaming about the future, gaze upon citrine. It will allow you to feel positive energy and focus on what you are doing and how you are feeling right now. This moment is important because it allows you to take advantage of all that is placed before you, things we sometimes don’t see because of everything else going on in our lives.

Quartz Crystal: Clear Your Mind

This crystal is made of the most abundance element you can find on earth, silica. It is also a key component to the human body. When you hold it, you merge those energies and can clear your mind. It helps to balance your body and allows you to see more clearly. This is an extremely powerful crystal that transmutes negativity and raises your vibration properties, aligning you with clarity, hope, and light.

Rose Quartz: Love

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals because everyone is looking for love or a way to heal from love that has harmed us. It encourages us to forgive others and forgive ourselves for what we’ve done. From there, we are able to open ourselves up to finding more love in our lives. That is the secret to finding true love – being ready for it on all platforms. This stone will make you feel good about yourself and your choices, opening you up for that right person.

Shungite: Pollutants

If you feel like other people are constantly getting you down. Or you are impacted by the electrical magnetic energy in the air. Or you are surrounded by bad things, you may want to invest in shungite. This is a powerful shielding crystal that absorbs all of that for you, allowing you to feel what you want to feel and nothing more.

Smoky Quartz: Letting Go

Smoky Quartz pushes all of that negative energy that you use as a shield and put proactive energy in place instead. It helps you to let go of your coping mechanisms and become a fuller, happier person. Once you are able to release that old, stagnant energy, you are able to feel better, look better, and move forward.

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Turquoise: Healing

Turquoise is one of the most popular crystals for many reasons. It is energetic and used to be easier to come by. It is known to be protective and good luck, making it the perfect option for someone who is facing a disease. If you are experiencing disease or know someone who is, make sure to gift turquoise. It is also a form of communication, ancient people used it to express their love and adoration for someone.

Investing in crystals is something that is for everyone, but not everyone is open to it. If you are someone who can benefit from them, you can never have too many.

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