Animation: What’s the Fascination?

Most of us can remember watching animated cartoons from a very young age. There are very few shows for children that do not incorporate some degree of animation. It is also used in some adult advertisements, as well. There seems to be some part of our brain or personality that responds to this unrealistic form of personification. Children may be a little easier to explain than adults, however, as they often fail to understand what is and isn’t real. Kids and adults alike can be found mesmerized by an animated movie.

The Simplicity

Many children’s shows that are based on animated characters are extremely simple. The simple lines and easy to distinguish color contrasts enable small children to differentiate one thing from the other. We seem to be conditioned to talk to kids with a higher voice, and this is also incorporated into animated kid’s shows. This may bring s familiar sound that makes children comfortable and keeps them interested.

Kids are still learning about everything in their environment. The amount of new information that is thrown at them in a day is unbelievable. The simple characters in their favorite shows are easy to recognize. Kids may notice them on a shirt or in toy form at the store. The information they offer is often repetitive. Instead of complex information, kids receive the reassuring stability of seeing and hearing the same thing every day. In a world where everything is new and changing, this can be incredibly comforting.


Adults may be drawn back to their enjoyable childhood days when they watch cartoons with their kids. Even the new ones that come out make us nostalgic. We often associate these type of shows with lazy Saturday mornings and our favorite cereal. As adults we often enjoy introducing our children to things we liked as kids. Animated shows are a part of this. Animated movie makers know this and often use it to increase revenue. They often redo or re-release movies from a certain generation with the intention of prompting a purchase from the adults that remember it.


Kids tend to love anything with color. Kid’s toys are rarely made in neutral colors. They are often the brightest items you can find. A child’ toy box may look like a container of crayons exploded. Children are still learning about color and what the color names are. A baby may not understand anything that is being said during an animated film, yet they happily follow along as colorful characters dance across the screen. Babies do not see in full color until about four months of age. You can imagine the excitement as colors begin to be seen.


Music often accompanies animation. Kids also learn better when music is applied to a lesson. Many shows incorporate lessons in to their shows. Kids learn to recognize when a favorite show comes on by the sound of the song. With characters dancing and singing, kids are easily drawn in. The songs from many animated films are even loved by adults. They often focus on relationships and hardships in life. The music for younger kids, however, is geared towards learning to read or count.

Likeable Characters 

Adults may find themselves very interested in the characters in some kid’s shows. As children age, the characters become more complex and have defined personalities. The writers often throw in a dose of adult humor to keep the parents entertained, as well. Just like when we were kids, we may find ourselves drawn into the imaginary world created by someone else. This can be a fun thing to share with kids.

Adult Versions

There are entire shows with animated characters that are geared towards mature audiences. Asian anime is a very popular form of show that attracts dedicated followers. These can be mild or have extreme adult content. The attraction to these is not as widespread, however, as it is to common cartoons. People that are interested in this, have very specific tastes.

Some regularly airing television shows are also animated. These are clearly for adults, even though kids often try to sneak a peek. The range from a simple animated sit-com to violent versions with bad language. These are also meant for a select group of viewers and do not draw the same audience as those that still love classic cartoons.

Animated shows have been around an extremely long time. Most adults today can remember watching a few favorites as children. There are bright colors, likeable characters, and motivating songs. Kids are drawn to the simplicity and repetitive nature of animated shows. They bring something less complicated to their everyday experience. Adults may watch more because they want to spend time with their kids. They also may like to share some old memories with them. Animated shows show no sign of slowing down, as interest has yet to fade.

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