Amazing Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Many people lean towards either dogs or cats when it comes to having a pet. Cats are much more independent and often want nothing to do with their owners. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. All animals have interesting instincts and behavior trends. Cats have more to them than what people notice at first glance.

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Sweaty Paws

Since cats are almost completely covered in fur, they do not have a large amount of sweat glands. They are able to cool themselves by licking their fur, so it gets wet. The evaporation of their saliva helps to lower their body temperature. They also pant when they get hot. Their sweat glands, however, are in their paws. You may notice that their feet are damp in the warm seasons. Wet paw prints may even show up around your house.

Amazing Cat Facts 1

Seawater is Okay for Them

The first rule for humans stranded at sea, is to avoid drinking the salt water. This is known to cause dehydration rather quickly. Cats, however, may be able to outlive you on a desert island. Their kidneys are extremely efficient. Their bodies simply filter out the salt and allow the water to hydrate their bodies.

Amazing Cat Facts 2

A Hairball is No Match for Your Cat

Some pets, like ferrets, have an incredibly hard time when hairballs form. During the warm months, shedding can make hairballs occur more often. They make all kinds of treats that are meant to help cats rid themselves of these. These methods are not necessary, however. Cats can take care of this on their own if they are regularly exposed to grassy areas. Eating grass solves the problem. Expect the entire hairball to be thrown up, grass and all.

Amazing Cat Facts 3

There’s a Reason they Always Land on their Feet

Cats are notorious for jumping up on tall things and plummeting back down. Many animals, and humans, would end up in the hospital after such a fall. Cats, however, gracefully land on their feet. They trot off about their day like nothing happened. Cats have a physical defense mechanism when it comes to succumbing to gravity. They are able to form an umbrella-like shape with their bodies. This attribute is called the cat righting reflex.

Amazing Cat Facts 4

Purring is Therapeutic

We all know that cats purr to show their satisfaction with a situation, especially a good scratch behind the ears. This reaction, however, may have other purposes. It is thought to possibly be an ancient survival method. The frequency at which cats purr is about 25-150 Hertz. This is similar to the frequency that contributes to the healing of bones and muscles.

Amazing Cat Facts 5

Don’t Change their Routine

As independent as cats are, they seem to like to have a predictable routine. If your cat is acting sick, you may need to take a look at any recent changes at home. Any change in a cat’s environment or schedule can cause them to act sick. They may refuse food, use the bathroom in strange places, or throw up.

Amazing Cat Facts 6

Identity is in the Nose

If a human commits a crime, their fingerprints are recorded in a database. If your cat goes on a crime spree, however, paw prints won’t help the police much. The defining factor of a cat’s individuality is their nose print. Each cat’s nose print is unique. Good luck getting them to cooperate with a nose print session, however.

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They have a Paw Preference

Parents often eagerly await the time when they can tell if their child is right or left handed. The majority of humans have a dominate hand that they write with. Your cat may not be leaving you notes, however, they do often favor one paw over the other. You may notice that your cat reaches to swat with a certain paw the majority of the time. This preference may be linked to the gender of the cat. Female cats show a greater tendency towards their right paws, while males seem to favor the left.

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They Doubt Human Competence

Cats often bring in items that they hunt and kill. This is a great feature if you need help ridding the area of mice, however, it can get a bit gross. If you wake up to a dead animal on your front porch, you can thank your cat for looking after you. They seem to think we need help hunting for our meals. They may also bring you a toy from around the house to help you out. They may not understand that you can go to the grocery store when needed.

Amazing Cat Facts 9

They are Obsessed with Cleaning

It might be too much to accuse your cat of having obsessive compulsive disorder, but they sure do take their cleaning seriously. Grooming is a way for your cat to stay clean and cool. This is especially important if your cat is an outdoor cat. Grooming can help to remove pollen, pests, and dirt. It has been estimated that half of a cat’s life is spent accomplishing its grooming tasks.

Amazing Cat Facts 10

Cats are an interesting animal to bring into your home. They prefer a routine, but seem to resist human interference. They are incredibly self-sufficient, and even try to help their humans from time to time. They also seem to have superhuman abilities when it comes to defying gravity. Cats are known to have been companion animals since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Even after all this time, they remain somewhat undomesticated.

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