The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 8

It has been a full 50 years since the three astronauts from the Apollo 8 orbited our moon. November of 1968 marks the first time a manned Apollo flight has been finished successfully. Just two months later, during the month of December, the Apollo 8 and its three passengers flew around the moon at the distance of 70 miles. The plan was for the Apollo 8 to complete 10 complete orbits around the moon before heading home.

The Apollo 8 was launched on December 21st. The three cosmonauts aboard were Frank Borman, William Anders, and James Lovell Jr. The crew and the shuttle completed 10 orbits around Earth’s only satellite during a six-day period. After they completed the 10 orbits, the craft, and the crew safely landed on Earth on December 27th, 1968. An additional seven months passed before the more famous Apollo 11 completed its successful landing on the moon’s surface.

Strangely enough, humans have not traveled back to the moon since 1972, but there is an ongoing debate that has been started by U.S. president Donald Trump in order to return astronauts to the Moon. The president instructed NASA and its experts that a new lunar mission should be scheduled, and as a part of their mission, they are planning to build a space station in the lunar orbit.

This station is going to be launched in pieces over an extended period of time. NASA would later send robots and eventually humans in order to build the station in space. This will then allow astronauts to have easier access to the moon’s surface. The plan is to have the first part of the station ready and sent in 2022.

During this time China is planning to send people to the far side of the moon in order to explore it. Now we just need to be patient and see if any of those conspiracy theories about the moon landing were true.

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