5 Great Museums for Science and Tech Enthusiasts

There are so many great science and technology museums around the country. Science and tech enthusiasts can enjoy magnificent displays and educational exhibits at these different venues. There is something for everyone whether you want to learn more about human anatomy or want to observe what is beyond this planet or want to see the latest in robotic technology. Here is a list of just five of the great science museums you might want to visit.


The Griffith Park Observatory

This observatory is located in Los Angeles, California. At the top of Mt. Hollywood, you can visit the amazing Griffith Park. This is the home to the top stand-alone planetarium in the whole country. For those interested in astronomy and outer space, there is a lot to see and enjoy. Visitors can explore a number of sites house in the park such as the museum. There are meteorites on display for those who want to touch the outer space rocks. The planetarium hosts a range of interesting shows. There is also a solar telescope on-site and visitors can look at the stars and planets.

American Museum of Natural History

This museum is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about natural history. Located in a prime area in Manhattan, New York, the American Museum of Natural History allows visitors to take a trip into the history of life on earth. There’s a lot to see including fossils and the hall of human origins. This museum was famously incorporated into the big screen in the movie The Night at the Museum. The iconic T-Rex skeleton is another great site to see.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

For those who want to see the very best in technology, the Tech Museum of Innovation is a great visit. It is located in San Jose, California. The mission of this science center is to inspire people to be innovators. With its proximity to the Silicon Valley technology hub, it’s no wonder this museum is one of the best tech museums in the country. There are many exhibits offered in all the latest areas in the technology space, and these are regularly updated.

Franklin Institute

The Franklin Insitute located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania houses lots of science exhibits covering a range of fields. There’s the giant heart exhibit to look at. This was renovated in 2004 after 50 years of being on display. Some of the main features include a crawl through space through the display heart and arteries. There is also a large EKG machine and the chance to see a simulated open-heart surgery.

Those interested in space exploration can benefit from an interactive Space Command exhibit teaches, which covers the history of space exploration. There is also a sky bike for adults to enjoy.


Located in San Francisco, California, the Exploratorium is a hands-on science center, which allows visitors to take an active part in discovery and learning. It’s been rated as the best science museum in several reviews. Both kids and adults can enjoy what’s on offer.

Some of the displays there include a wooden binary counting machine. This shows how computers worked using marbles and slots. This is a fun area where both kids and adults can try their hands at the old computers. There are also a number of experiments to engage with, and many families spend the whole day there.

These are just some of the top museums in the country, but there are so many others that cater to different areas of science. Some others to check out include St Louis Science Museum in Missouri and the Museum of Science in Boston.

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