3 Common Herbs with Amazing Health Benefits

People from around the world have been using herbs for different purposes for thousands of years. Herbs are commonly used in cooking food and brewing teas with great flavor. They provide an important contribution to many ethnic and cultural dishes. They are also used for their aroma and insect-repelling properties. The family of herbs also boasts of a wide range of health benefits. These can be enjoyed from using herbs is all the ways mentioned above. Although there are many herbs with great health benefits, here is a look at three common examples.



Rosemary is a great woody herb to grow in the garden because it propagates itself quickly. It is readily available in both its dried and fresh versions, and you can also opt for rosemary essential oil. This well-loved herb is recommended for many dishes. It goes particularly well with chicken and other meat dishes.

In terms of health benefits, rosemary has been believed to be particularly beneficial for digestion, heartburn, and flatulence. It has also been recommended to increase appetite when this is low. Other conditions that rosemary helps to improve and alleviate include headaches, blood pressure problems, mental tiredness, toothache, gum problems, coughs, as well as liver, kidney, and gallbladder complaints. Although this common herb may not completely improve these various conditions, people have been using it for a long time for the benefits it offers.

There are different ways to extract the benefits of rosemary. Depending on the location of the ailment, rosemary can either be applied to the skin as the essential oil, in bath therapy, or seeped in hot water to make a special herbal tea. Many people also wash their hair with rosemary water because it is said to promote the growth of healthy hair.


Lavender is a popular herb used for its special fragrance. It produces lovely small purple flowers that can beautify any garden. Because of this, it is commonly used in cosmetics such as soaps and lotions as well as in dried herb potpourri arrangements. Interestingly enough, lavender also has insect-repellent properties.

Besides the uses of lavender scent, there are also some well-known health benefits of lavender. These can be enjoyed from the essential oil or from fresh or dried samples of the herb. Lavender has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties. It is also high in anti-inflammatory compounds. Lavender essential oil is commonly recommended for improved sleep. Other conditions that can be somewhat alleviated with the help of this herb in one form or another include high blood pressure, skin blemishes, and asthma.


This bright yellow powder comes from a root herb. When dried and ground into its common form, it is a favorite for many curry and spicy dishes. It also often used just to color and brighten food, especially rice. Culinary uses aside, turmeric is well-known for its health benefits.

Turmeric contains many important medicinal compounds, including curcumin. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory substance. This is important because the body needs such substances to fight off foreign particles and repair the body. Turmeric is also high in antioxidants. These compounds are important for fighting off oxidative damage, which is linked to many diseases and conditions such as cancer and age-related conditions.

Because turmeric is so rich is health benefits, it is often recommended as a health supplement in and of itself. You can also enjoy the numerous health benefits in lower doses by cooking with turmeric, adding it to herbal tea brews, or mixing it into other ingredients in a smoothie.

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