10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is a Part of Our Lives Today

The artificial intelligence, or AI, that we see today is not exactly how some people have pictured it to be. According to the film industry and the many popular movies that have been created as a result, artificial intelligence seems innocent enough, until it leads to the downfall of society and humankind as a whole. We think that robots are going to take over the world, and with every new advancement in the AI field, more and more people are biting their nails out of worry. In reality, however, AI is getting smarter, but not in the existential, self-aware machine sense. The computer systems that power the AI in our lives are relatively simple, if more in tune with our individual preferences. Here are 10 ways that artificial intelligence is making a move in our lives today.



Starting off with a multi-billion dollar corporation, we have Amazon.com. With the millions of products that Amazon sells each year, there has to be a secret behind its success. It turns out that there is one, and it lies in the AI system of the site. This system is programmed to learn your shopping history and show you products that you might like to buy based on that. If you ever feel like you’re getting very specific ads, it’s because you are.


As a result of Amazon’s success, the online giant also created Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a smart home assistant that works through voice commands. You’ve probably seen the many different things Alexa is useful for. The device has amazing deciphering techniques to catch a command from anywhere in the room. It works to increase efficiency when setting alarms and reminders, and it works amazingly when combined with other smart home technology.


Google is a forerunner in the world of AI, and the Google Nest product is proof of that. This serves as a smart thermostat and is the perfect addition to any smart home. With the Google Nest, the system learns about your preferences for heat and cooling, so it automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re around. Nothing says sentient artificial intelligence like a self-adjusting thermostat.


Netflix is another great example of how computers are getting smarter and more attuned to our preferences. Netflix uses your past movie or show browsing history to suggest new films you might enjoy watching. It just takes one or two watches for it to understand what you might like to see next. Netflix isn’t the only streaming service that uses this kind of AI. Other streaming platforms like Amazon Video, Hulu, and Sony Crackle all make use of this learning software to better understand the preferences of their watchers.


Pandora’s music matching system is notably unmatched. This music app is one of the best because of how well its algorithm works to recommend new music and songs to people. Pandora’s music team first analyzes the song for unique musical tones and characters, and then they classify it accordingly. This way, you’re recommended music that you love but may have never come across through your own searches.


Not only has AI made a splash in the home and recreational lives of people, but you can also find it replacing other tasks previously done by machines. Automatic voicemails and customer service recordings are a thing of the past with Cogito. This software has learned the many details and nuances of how to speak to a customer. This allows for a more personalized and increasingly effective customer service call experience.

John Paul

You may or may not have heard about John Paul, but this is another great example of AI in action. John Paul is a luxury concierge service and provides consumer services to its users with great efficiency. Existing-client interactions are made more and more personal as the system learns and adapts to the specific needs of each person. You won’t find a concierge service that’s more in-tune and on point with your needs than this one, which is why it’s being used by mega-corporations like Visa, Air France, and Accor Hotels.


Speaking of customer service, Boxever is a prime example of how far AI is used to benefit and adapt to the needs of customers. This company focuses on creating a more personalized and overall better travelling experience for its users. Users can find whatever they need for their journey through this service, and it only gets better from there. The next time they travel, they can have personalized touches to their trip with the use of Boxever.


The perfect illustration of technology-meets-life is Tesla. Tesla provides what can best be described as the car of the future. Not only does this company create fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars, but its cars are at the front of the customized driving experience. Tesla cars can learn your preferences and use a speaker system much like the Amazon Alexa to take commands from drivers. Other AI features like self-driving and predictive systems also add to the futuristic design of this car.


What would a conversation about AI be without the mention of Siri? Siri is Apple’s version of a personal assistant, and just like a real assistant, it begins to learn your preferences and frequent requests after a short amount of time. Siri not only gives directions and suggestions for activities, but it also sets reminders and gets smarter over time in terms of your specific language and question tendencies. The more you use it, the more adapted it becomes to your speech and search requests. With all of these exciting and increasingly familiar uses of AI, the future is starting to look a little more high-tech but without any of the crazy, take-over-the-world robots.

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