10 Things to Keep At Home When You Travel


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It is easier for people to start brainstorming about the things they will need to take with them on vacation than it is for them to find the things that they should probably keep at home. We tend to overpack for each trip we take, resulting in us bringing far too much and having to lug everything around, no matter where we go.

1. Alcohol

There’s a burgeoning trend where people take their own alcohol with them to places where wine or spirits tend to be pricier. This isn’t the best option and it certainly isn’t a “life hack” like some people are claiming. You can’t bring anything over 3.4 ounces with you on your carry on and putting a glass bottle filled with liquid into your checked baggage is risky as well. You don’t want to show up on your honeymoon with wet clothing that smells like rubbing alcohol.

Instead, skip the alcohol or splurge on a bottle or two when you’re there, not at every meal.

2. Too Many Shoes

We all love to have a choice of shoes when we go on vacation, but they are incredibly heavy and take up a ton of space. Bring a pair of shoes that you can wear with every outfit and a pair of flip-flops at the very least. If you have space at the end, you can throw in a pair for that special event.

3. Traditional Books

Keep At Home 2

Who doesn’t love sitting on the beach and reading a book? However, books can add a lot of heft to your luggage because they are large and weigh quite a bit. If you are the type that likes to read while on vacation, bring an electronic book that can hold an entire library – it will also ensure that you don’t run out of reading material or accidentally bring books that you don’t like.

4. Home Goods

When many people travel, the new trend is to bring things that remind them of home, like pictures, knickknacks, and their own blankets. If you don’t really need it, don’t bring it. Not only because they might not be safe, but because they take up a lot of room. Load your phone with photos of loves ones or bring something extremely small if you need to, but it’s silly to pad your bag with extra things you don’t need.

5. An “Extra” Outfit

If you are thinking about taking a formal dress or your suit “just because,” you’ll probably never need it. We all get delusions where we get invited to black tie parties or somewhere extremely special when we are traveling, but the reality is that it will probably never happen. These outfits just take up too much space and never really get used.

6. Things That Aren’t Identified as Yours

It happens – you put your digital camera down and you forget to pick it up before you walk off. People in airports, hotels, and touristy zones see this all the time. With a digital camera, it is pretty easy to prove that it was yours (just look at the pictures), but there are some things that you can’t prove as easily. For anything that you might do this with, keep them safe and sound at home if you possibly can.

7. Extra Credit Cards

Let’s be honest: if you take these with you, you are only going to use them to get something you truly don’t need. Spending too much money on vacation can prohibit you from taking another one. Sure, bring one or two that you can use, but don’t bring your entire collection of plastic.

8. Hair Dryer

Not even mentioning the fact that hair dryers aren’t all that great for your hair, they too are extremely bulky. Most hotels, even the ones that are incredibly budget, will have a hair dryer in the bathroom for you or will have some at the front desk.

9. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those things that is available almost everywhere you go. If you are traveling to a tropical location, most hotels will even include it in your room as a complimentary toiletry. Instead of risking an explosion in your bag or TSA taking it, just don’t carry it with you.

Big box stores are everywhere and you’ll only pay a few dollars more – which is worth it if you’ve ever had a bottle of sunscreen explode from getting too hot while under a plane.

10. Anything You Can’t Replace

There are thieves out there, people who are lax at their jobs, and instances that are beyond your control. All of these things mean that taking something you can’t replace, like your mother’s wedding ring or the family bible might not be the best idea. You probably don’t need it when you are traveling, so it is best to keep it safe at home.

If you do need it, keep it on your person whenever you can, especially if it is jewelry.

When you travel and have too much stuff, there are noticeable problems. Of course, you have to pay for the extra baggage and handling fees, which can make trips extremely costly and unaffordable for some people. It will also save you time, you’ll be able to get through the airport faster and move your way around wherever you are. Most importantly, it will save your sanity – no worrying about missing connections, lost luggage, or pulling a muscle.

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