10 Facts that Should be Common Knowledge, but Aren’t

It takes a combination of common sense and brains to make it through life. There are things you learn from living, and other things are learned in the school setting. This is why it is important to help kids learn how to accomplish normal daily tasks, as well as encouraging them to do homework. At some point during adulthood, there are things we are just expected to “know.” Some of these items are more elusive than others.

There is a Night Setting on your Rear-View Mirror

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There are many differences to pay attention to when you are driving at night. The basic rules of using your lights and being more attentive always apply. You may notice, however, that you have a hard time seeing with the glare from the lights of drivers behind you. This can significantly impair your field of vision. There is a little tab on the bottom of the rear view mirror that can solve this problem. Simply flip the tab to reveal a clearer line of vision, free of glare. Most of us learned about this in our early driving years, but have forgotten over the years.

Skimping on Pizza Size Doesn’t Help

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If math isn’t your thing, it can be easy to overlook this fact. Many people try to save money when they order pizza by choosing two medium size pies over one large one. It is easy to think you are getting more pizza for less when you choose this route. Mathematically, however, this doesn’t add up. A 16-inch pizza is not just double the size of an eight inch. It turns out to be about four times larger. This is because the area of a circle shaped object gets larger with the square of the radius.

Frankenstein is Not the Monster

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Every Halloween, someone says they are going to dress up as Frankenstein, but no one actually does. Perhaps high school or college literature is far behind you, but it might pay to take a walk down memory lane. The true identity of Frankenstein has been hidden for many years. Frankenstein is not the green, stitched up monster. Frankenstein is the doctor who created the monster in the book. He is kind of a monster, however, for creating a creature that ends up suffering greatly.

Cats Shouldn’t Have Milk

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Everyone seems to link cats to a bowl of milk. Even cartoons always show the family cat with a bowl of milk. Anyone who has a cat may tell you that a big serving of milk is hard for a cat to resist, as well. It is important to be aware, however, that most felines are lactose intolerant. Lactose and casein, found in cow’s milk, do not complement a cat’s digestive system.

Eggs Happen with or Without a Rooster

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This fact is often overlooked because we head to the grocery store to get our eggs. Growing up on a farm gives some people an advantage to knowledge about our feathery friends. A female is the only thing needed to produce eggs for consumption. A rooster is only necessary if there is a desire to breed the birds. This is just an external form of egg production, whereas human females release an egg inside their bodies.

“Intensive Purposes” is Incorrect

Common Knowledge 5Grammar perfectionists may hunt you down for using this fake word. Somehow, over the years, mispronunciation of the correct phrase has led to this incorrect term. It is used in speech regularly. People usually do not figure out the issue until they get caught on their computer’s spell check feature. The correct phrase is “for all intents and purposes.”

The Rule of Three

Common Knowledge 6Many people may panic when they are met with a severe survival situation. Campers stranded in the wilderness, for example, need to know how to conserve energy and food. This can be difficult to remember, especially when under extreme stress. Our bodies tend to stick to what is called the “rule of three.” This means that you can withstand about three days without water, three weeks without food, and three minutes without air. Expect to make it about three hours in extreme weather with no shelter.

Your Stovetop Opens Up

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Most people never realize that the top of their stove opens up. Many years may have been spent cleaning minute crevices with a variety of tools. This allows access under the burners for easy cleaning. This may not be true of all type of stoves, but it is worth looking into on your model.

Your Ears are Always Growing

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You may think that you have maxed out your growth rate by the time you are 18 or 20. For the most part, this is true. Your ears, however, maintain a growth rate for your entire lifespan. Women’s ears tend to grow less than men’s, and all genders slow down around the age of ten.

Black Licorice is Extremely Unhealthy

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It goes without saying that limiting your intake of candy is a good idea if you want to stay healthy. Black licorice, however, poses more serious health problems. Regardless of its danger, black licorice is still found in many candy isles. The taste, however, is enough to turn many people off. Even a minute amount of two ounces per day over the course of two weeks can contribute to arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Black licorice reduces your body’s amount of potassium.

We are constantly learning and often find out that common things are right under our noses. Sometimes we also learn things, only to forget them over the years. The many things that should be common knowledge, are not necessarily known by the general population. It can be fun to learn a few new things, however.

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