10 Creative Ways You Can Reuse Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles have long been at the center of harmful items that find their way into our landfills. Plastic bottles not only pollute the Earth, but they also harm animals who eat plastic pieces or choke from a piece of plastic around their neck. Plastic is harmful, but only if we don’t use it correctly. One of the great things about plastic is that it’s reusable. But using your plastic for the same ideas gets boring, and you lose motivation to do anything at all. So, here are 10 creative ways you can reuse plastic bottles to save the Earth and also get cute stuff.



Starting off with the basics, you can use old 2-liter bottles to create small planters for your garden. Simply cut the top half of the 2-liter bottle off, and poke one or two small holes in the bottom for drainage. Now you can fill this plastic up with soil and the seeds of your choice. You can also use this method to plant herbs in an efficient way. The different bottles allow you to keep them separate, and you don’t have as much risk of damaging a weaker herb.

Vertical Garden

On the topic of gardens, you can also use a 2-liter bottle to create a vertical garden. Actually, you need several 2-liter bottles to pull this off, so maybe work on this after you host a big party with 2-liter drinks. Start by cutting a square shape out of the side of your bottle. Remove that piece, and now stick on tine or other string to hold the bottle on its side. Once you have that done, fill up your bottle with soil and plants, and you’re all set.


If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to create a sprinkler system for your garden, look no farther than your fridge. Take a 2-liter bottle out and make sure it’s completely empty of all liquid. Next, poke small-sized holes in the side of the bottle. Tape the mouth of this onto the opening of a water hose with duct tape. That’s it! Now watch your sprinkler at work.

Watering Can

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more manual, hands-on version of that sprinkler, you can create a handheld watering can with an old juice bottle or laundry detergent bottle. Simply remove the lid of the container and poke decent sized holes in it. These holes should definitely be a bit larger since it is a watering can, after all. Once a sufficient amount of holes have been made, screw the lid back on, and now you have a watering can made from reusing plastic.

Snack Storage

Small plastic bottles, like for those of creamers or single carton milk, is great of reusing for small snacks. You can reuse an old creamer container to hold small candy or chocolate. The larger bottles can be used to hold larger snacks, like pretzel chunks and other salted favorites. You can even mix it up to create your own flavor of your favorite snacks.

Office Storage

Have a lot of plastic soda containers? Turn that into office storage for your workspace. Cut off the top of the bottle and decorate the bottom for a sophisticated or fun look depending on your taste. Now you can store all of your pens, pencils, and highlighters in one convenient place. Plus, you get to add character to your desk in a way that benefits the environment.

Charging Dock

If you have an old plastic lotion container, you can use to serve as a charging dock for your phone. This works best with large sized lotion bottles with very wide bottoms. Start by measuring how tall and wide your phone is compared to the lotion bottle. Keep an excess of at 3-4 inches, and then cut out that shape from the lotion bottle. Decorate one side of the shape, and your charging dock is ready to go!


If you want a cute and cozy lamp, why not create one made out of your plastic honey jar? The process for this upcycle is a bit more labor-intensive but still simple. You’re going to need a plastic honey jar, a compact fluorescent bulb, and white spray paint. Cut out the bottom part of the bear, so it rests flat on where the feet of the bear should have been. Then remove the screw-on lid. Spray paint the whole thing two or three times and let dry. Next, add your bulb inside the bear body, and light it up. Your custom honey bear night light is good to go.

Trash Bin

If you have a lot of water bottles, you can use them to create a whole new recycling or trash bin. This also starts by saving a lot of your water bottles for a rainy day. Once you have enough, create a base on the bottom of the recycling bin by lining up bottles in a circular shape. Glue them together to help them stick, and add on another layer of bottles. Do this with three or four layers to create a recycling bin height. Just make sure not to throw wet or sticky garbage in here, as it can ruin it.

Piggy Bank

If you want to save big money with a piggy bank, all you need is a plastic bottle. Cut a slit into the side of the bottle that’s big enough to easily fit some cash or coins into. This is the entry slot. The exit slot is the bottle’s cap. You can make this with a pig design, or you can get creative and do something different. It’s up to you how you save the future and a few dollars.

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